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3 Reasons Why Adoption Should Not Be A Secret

When you hear the word “adoption,” what comes to mind? Perhaps you think of a family you know who has adopted. Maybe you think of your personal adoption story. Maybe you are asking what adoption is. There was a point in time when not many people knew what adoption was and what it entails. There were many assumptions and preconceived notions tied to adoption. A great deal of this stemmed from people not truly understanding the process and what some birth mothers may go through. Well, it’s time for that to change. Adoption is a gift that should be shared and celebrated. Adoption Choices of Kansas has put together a list of 3 important reasons why adoption should not be a secret. 

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 1. Displaying Confidence In Your Decision

It goes without saying that as a birth mother, you always desire what is best for your child. What is best for your child may look different depending on your personal outlook and circumstances. Sometimes what is best for your child is adoption. Adoption is a way to ensure your child will have a good future with adoptive parents who will provide a forever home. As a birth mother, you have the ability to choose the adoptive parents. This means you are choosing with your child’s best interest at heart.

Many people don’t know this about adoption. Some people assume giving a baby up for adoption means a family adopts them based on chance. Although this isn’t the case, many people would not know unless they were informed about the Wichita adoption process. Being able to share your adoption story allows, develops confidence in your decision. You can help others understand why you chose adoption as well as the benefits that come with it. Keeping adoption a secret would not give you this opportunity.

 2. Honesty Brings People Together

Another reason why adoption should not be kept a secret is that being open and honest about the journey has the ability to bring people together. For example, perhaps your family or friends have been asking you about your private adoption journey. Keeping it a secret creates a division between yourself and your family or friends. They are not able to sympathize and understand what you have gone through. They may have assumptions and questions left unanswered. However, opening up about adoption draws these people to you. It creates closeness and understanding about your experiences. It fosters a bond and trust with your loved ones. It may also clear up questions they may have about adoption in Kansas. Opening up about adoption has the potential to bring people closer together.

 3. Educating Others 

Most people you may come to meet probably do not know an extensive amount about the Kansas adoption process. Perhaps they have read about it on an online blog or in a book. However, they may still have some misunderstandings about the topic. When you keep the adoption a secret, you are not able to educate others on the importance of the topic. People would never know about the forever family you have helped create. Or they may never know about the families who have a desire to have a child but whose only option is adoption. When you educate others about Kansas adoption, they also have a chance to understand how adoption was beneficial for you personally. You can share the details of your adoption journey and really open their eyes about adoption!

Adoption Should Not Be A Secret

 Adoption is a gift. It should be shared and talked about. Bringing awareness to adoption will help others understand the importance of how adoption helps families. It will show the viewpoints from a birth mother’s perspective and maybe even eliminate assumptions people have about adoption. Adoption is not meant to be a secret. At Adoption Choices of Kansas, we want you to feel confident in your decision. If you are looking for further support after your adoption experience or know someone who is considering adoption, reach out to us today! 

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Meet the Author: Natalya Castro is originally from New York but has lived in Florida for most of her life. She is currently working towards earning her bachelor’s degree in marketing at Palm Beach Atlantic University. Most people who know her would say she is outgoing and very extroverted. She is a creative person who loves to express herself through various artistic outlets such as pottery, painting, and cosmetics. When Natalya is not working on her studies, you can find her connecting with others and her loved ones, swimming in the Sunshine State’s beautiful beaches, or binging shows from her favorite streaming services. Above all, Natalya is passionate about utilizing creative means to reach people and helping others. Through her writing, she hopes to help others feel supported and cared for during the present journey in their life.

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