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3 Valid Reasons A Woman Should Choose Adoption

By Cale Unitas Macke

As pregnancy unfolds, some women consider adoption. They hope their child will have a stable home with parents ready for parenthood to ensure their child’s happiness. Open adoption allows for constant connection through letters, photos, or visits, providing comfort and peace to the birth mother. Ultimately, adoption is a deeply personal choice driven by love, selflessness, and a desire to want what’s best for the child. Understanding the reasons behind this choice can empower you to embark on your journey with clarity and confidence.

Adoption Choices of Kansas is an adoption agency dedicated to helping women throughout the entirety of the adoption process. By providing resources and several lines of support, we ensure nobody goes through their journey alone. 

When considering adoption, it is incredibly important to weigh all your options to make the most informed decision. Below, we outline three ways in which an open adoption can benefit you, the child, and the adoptive family. 

1. Adoption Allows The Child To Grow Up In A Stable Environment

There are several reasons why you may be considering adoption. From unplanned pregnancy to financial stress, not having enough resources to support a child can be worrisome. Adoption allows you to supply the child with the resources they need that you may not have at the moment. It can offer a child a loving and stable home with parents who are emotionally and financially prepared for parenthood. This benefits the child by allowing them to have the resources they need to develop. It benefits the adoptive family by allowing them to begin their parental journey. It benefits you because you selflessly gave the child the best possible environment to grow up in.

Picking the right adoption plan that fits your needs can also provide you with much-needed emotional closure. One such adoption plan is open adoption. This plan allows for the most communication between the birth mother, the adoptive family, and the child. It is the most collaborative adoption process available, and there are numerous benefits to this plan for all involved. 

2. Open Adoption Allows For The Most Supportive Family Environment

One huge benefit of the open adoption plan is open communication. Placing your child up for adoption can feel like you’re surrendering your right to be in their life. First of all, that is untrue; you deserve to be in their life, especially if that’s important to you. Secondly, picking this plan allows for that to come to fruition. You’ll be able to communicate freely, whether that is by regular phone calls, periodic visits, or random check-ins. The child not only has access to their immediate environment, but they also get to take advantage of all that you have to offer. This plan ensures a cohesive family unit that is open and supportive, ensuring the child a healthy atmosphere.

3. Adoption Grants The Ability To Focus On Yourself To Further Grow

Adoption allows for the unique combination of staying in the child’s life while also maintaining and emphasizing your aspirations. It can turn out to benefit you both greatly. You get to contribute to the child’s growth and development alongside the adoptive family. You also get to prioritize your aspirations and goals freely on your own time. It is so important to not lose yourself during this process. An open adoption grants you the ability to support the child while maintaining your life.

Enhancing Your Life Through Adoption 

The adoption process can be stressful. Looking for the right adoption agency in Kansas can prove to be difficult in itself. Choosing the right adoption plan that suits your situation and values can be daunting. There are many things to consider when deciding on the plan that’s right for you. Despite the stress and other pressures, there are plenty of reasons to be excited. You’ll find that it may even enrich you. Although it may not always feel like it, your choice to place the child for adoption can greatly enhance both of your lives. Growing alongside the child without having the full weight of responsibility is a blessing that not many people get to experience. Giving the adoptive family the ability to begin a family is an absolute gift. Most importantly, you gave the child the best chance to succeed by providing them with a safe, reliable home. There is a lot to look forward to. With this plan, you’ll experience the full breadth of life. 

If you are a birth mother placing your child up for adoption or browsing adoptions in Kansas, Adoption Choices of Kansas can help. Reach out today if you have any questions, are seeking support, or need more information about the plans offered. 

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