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4 Things People Get Wrong About Birth Fathers in Kansas

Adoption is a selfless choice for both the birth mother and father to make. Some assumptions people make about birth mothers, but the assumptions about birth fathers are just as apparent. Not many people know about the reality of putting a child up for adoption as the birth father. Adoption Choices of Kansas wants to support birth fathers on the adoption journey. Educating people on the reality of choosing adoption will be beneficial and open their eyes to how much of a sacrifice birth fathers make alongside birth mothers. Birth fathers in Kansas go through similar emotions as birth mothers and need time and support as well.

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  1. They are Not in the Picture 

    Many people assume that birth mothers cannot support their child due to the lack of the father’s help. This may be true in some cases, but every adoption journey is different, and in many cases, the birth father is in the picture and mutually choose adoption. Adoption is the best option for some couples, and it is not safe to assume that the birth father left after hearing about the pregnancy. Birth fathers who know what they are capable of when it comes to a child are selfless and mature. It is okay to come to a mutual agreement that raising a child is not in the best interest. Many birth fathers listen to their birth mothers and know that together they can get through the adoption journey together.

  2. They are Unsupportive 

    Many birth fathers are there for the birth mother. Most of the time, birth mothers are of utmost importance when making an adoption and birth plan because of all they physically and emotionally have to endure. Fathers also have to come to an agreement on what to include in all plans and have emotions to deal with as well. Many birth fathers are there every step of the way to help the adoption and birth. It is always easy to assume that if you do not see the father they are not supportive. There are many ways to support a birth mother, no matter what the relationship is. For a birth mother, just a phone call can go a long way. Every birth mother/ birth father relationship is different and needs different types of support.

  3. They Do Not Want to be Involved in Their Child’s Life 

    This may be true in some cases but is not a bad thing. Many birth fathers want to be in their child’s life but chose adoption out of being selfless. Choosing adoption is a hard thing to do. Many birth fathers want to be in a semi-open or open adoption so they can stay in touch with their child and adoptive parents. In some cases, the birth father will want to stay in touch with the child, and the birth mother will not. Every adoption journey is different, and both birth parents will have to come to a consensus on the type of adoption they want. Many birth fathers want whatever is best for the birth mother, and that is selfless and sometimes hard to do.

  4. They Wanted the Adoption 

    Some people may think that birth fathers are the ones who wanted the adoption, so they asked the birth mother to go through the process. Adoption is a mutual agreement, and if a birth mother does not want the adoption, our agency will not proceed. Although both birth parents have an important role in the adoption process, if the birth mother does not agree, the adoption process will not go as the birth father wanted. Birth father’s options are always appreciated when it comes to adoption, but in the end, if the birth mother is not in agreement, they overrule the birth father’s requests. Adoption Choices of Kansas can guide the birth father on alternative plans for his baby if wanted.

Assumptions People Make about Birth Fathers During the Adoption Process

Birth fathers play a big role in the adoption journey. They have to sacrifice a lot for their child. There are many harmful assumptions people have about birth fathers, which is unfair due to every adoption journey being different. It may be helpful to know about these preconceived ideas before starting the adoption process with your birth father.

Adoption Choices of Kansas is ready to help all birth parents get through this emotional process. It will be worth all the sacrifices from not only the birth mother but the birth father as well. Adoption takes many people’s and people’s opinions, and preconceived notions should not deter you from making the decision that is best for you.

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Along with various volunteer work exit kitchens and schools, Cynthia has worked as a telephone marketer and childcare employee. She is grateful to expect these experiences, as they have allowed her to meet all types of people and develop her communication skills through them. This, intern, has enhanced her writing skills.

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