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5 Feelings to Expect When Choosing a KS Adoption

When choosing an adoption agency in Kansas, you may have 5 feelings to expect when choosing a KS adoption. To reassure you, everything you are experiencing in this unplanned pregnancy is normal. These feelings and thoughts are valid. When choosing Adoption Choices of Kansas, we want to help you process whatever emotions and feelings you are going through and make it easier to plan your local adoption process, when considering adoption. To know more about adoption and what feelings to expect, read on. 

What Will I Feel When Choosing Kansas Local Adoption?

  1. Anger is a strong emotion you may feel. You may feel angry at yourself, others, the entire situation, and express it to anyone around you. But I know that it’s normal to feel like that at first. You may be angry because you put yourself in a position you weren’t expecting to ever happen to you. We understand that unplanned pregnancies aren’t exactly planned. But we want to assure you that you have someone in your corner during these feelings of anger and resentment. 
  2. Sadness can come after anger, or during, or even once all kinds of emotions such as guilt, relief, and grief are happening. Sadness can stem from your decision or a much deeper feeling. We know you are at an all-time high where emotions are running wild. Just know that sadness can be cathartic and help release all that pent-up stress and emotion you are feeling in that moment. Just cry it out. 
  3. Guilt can trickle into your mind at any moment. You may be feeling guilty because you feel regret for having a child or not wanting one. You may not have a desire to be another or are not ready right now to have a child. Either scenario or thought is valid and okay to have. Negative stigma towards adoption and unplanned pregnancies don’t help either. Adoption Choices of Kansas supports you and your decisions of adoption. You may feel guilty about choosing adoption. However, know that you are doing a selfless act and helping yourself. 

Additional Feelings for Adoption 

  1. Relief can occur when you feel the child will get to be in a loving home with an adoptive family. You may feel relieved that you do not have to bear all responsibility or none at all for choosing adoption. Not everyone is ready to be a mother or wants to be. These feelings are valid and shouldn’t be shamed. If you feel relief about adoption being an option, then that’s great. 
  2. Grief can come once you have gone through all the emotions and feelings during your adoption or after your adoption is complete. You have suffered a form of loss. You brought a child into the world. Whatever circumstance occurred, you chose adoption as the best course of action. It’s a hard decision and has lots of responsibility. giving child up for adoption to an adoptive family can be difficult even if you do not desire to have kids. Grief is a long process that you will slowly get through.

Kansas Adoption Types to Choose From

One important question you may be asking is, “What is the first step to my adoption process?” That first step is creating a plan which includes picking what adoption type is right for you and finding an adoptive family that fits all your needs and wants. 

The three adoption types are:

  • Open Adoption is perfect for birth mothers who want an open and personal relationship with the adoptive family. You are planning to be a part of your child’s life as much as you can with forms of communication, including but not limited to video and phone calls, in-person visits, letters and personal email exchanges, and photographs and messages about the child’s upbringing. You can choose any or all of them as a way to keep consistent communication. All forms of communication and scheduling are up to you, and the adoptive family will collaborate. 
  • Closed Adoption is when you feel it’s best for you and the child that they do not know about you personally or contact you in the foreseeable future. If you choose this, only the basic information will be exchanged between you and the adoptive family you choose. Everything is processed through your local adoption specialist. 
  • Semi-Open Adoption is when you want to have some form of contact but may not want to know your adoptive family or your child too personally. This arrangement can be made through the help of your adoption specialist. All forms of contact you choose will be mediated through our agency and the adoption specialist. You can choose any of these forms of communication and set boundaries: Video and phone calls, letters, and non-personal emails strictly informative about the child’s upbringing and can include pictures. 

What Pregnant Adoption Help Do You Offer in Kansas?

  • Free Counseling is a great tool we offer so you can process, be aware of, and acknowledge your emotions and feelings during this entire process. We offer one on one sessions and group counseling. There is no time limit to these sessions. If you want to work on yourself and learn how to cope and handle the future, choose our counseling options. We are here for your mental health. 
  • Housing is an option, and there are eligible options based on your location. We can offer you a place to stay during your pregnancy and to stay while you work on being financially stable or working out arrangements with your job, or finding a new job. Housing is a safe environment for you to feel safe. If you did not have a home to go to, were homeless, in between homes, or not enough space, or didn’t feel safe, we are here to assist. 
  • Financial Assistance can come from loans, grants, and some help paying expenses such as phone bills, transportation, groceries, maternity clothes, and medical assistance.
  • Medical Assistance can be found through us. We have a selection of doctors you can choose from. We also offer assistance financially when you have your daily doctor checkups. Just know that even if you do not have medical insurance or a primary doctor, we give you options that you are eligible for. We care about your physical health and the child. This is part of our assistance in helping your pregnancy and the adoption process as a whole. 
  • Birth Plan we help plan out your pregnancy, including the location if you need medicine, the type of birth, and who is allowed in the delivery room. Your adoption specialist can speak on your behalf to these decisions.

Emotional Support for Adoption

Adoption Choices of Kansas can help with your local adoption. We understand that it may be hard at first or through the long term to process the 5 feelings to expect when choosing an adoption in KS . However, we will be your support in every step during this time. With our services and assistance in restoring an adoption plan, you can rest assured when you consider adoption, it will go according to your decision and plans. We want to take care of you, your child, your mental and physical health during this time and after. 

Choosing adoption is not giving up. If you need unplanned pregnancy help now, Adoption Choices of Kansas serves birth parents statewide and beyond. We can help with teen pregnancy, financial assistance, difficult situations, and more. Please call us or text us to learn more! Call Us 877-903-4488 or Text Us 316-209-2071

By: Gabrielle Maya

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