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5 Things You Should Know About The Adoption Process in Kansas 

Adoption is one of those things that can feel like you’re looking into a black hole and have no idea what lies beneath. If you’ve never been through the adoption journey, it’s very overwhelming and a little off-putting. If you’re facing an unplanned pregnancy and either considering the adoption process in Kansas or starting your adoption journey, you definitely have a lot of questions. An unplanned pregnancy when you don’t have a support system can feel isolating and lead to depression. Although there may be people in your life you can talk to or lean on, it might feel like no one truly understands you. 

Adoption Choices of Kansas is here for you. Although we are an adoption agency, we assist all women who reach out to us with an unplanned pregnancy. Adoption isn’t for everyone, and it may not be for you. We will never pressure or coerce you into choosing adoption. Our main goal is to advocate and support you and your baby. We will help you fully understand all of your options, adoption or not, so you can make a comfortable and informed decision. We want to be your support system. Lean on us, and we’ll offer support through every step of the process. Many women who face an unplanned pregnancy do not have someone to talk to. We will be that listening ear and shoulder to cry on when you need it. More than just an adoption agency, we are your support system. 

If you’re new to the adoption world, there are a few things we veterans want you to know. There’s only so much the search engines can teach you, and we want to fill in the gaps as your experts in adoption. So here are just a few things you should know about adoption in Kansas. 

  1. The Adoption Process in Kansas Is Not As Scarce As You Think 

    Adoption numbers increase, even ever so slightly, every year. About 130,000 children are adopted each year. Unplanned pregnancies make up about 45% of all pregnancies. Adoption continues to be an excellent option for unplanned pregnancies and teenage pregnancies. People often don’t realize how many people they know are adopted or part of the adoption community. Someone who you are close to might be an adoptee, adoptive parent, or adoptive grandparent. Adoption touches many more lives than you know.

  2. Choosing Adoption is not “Giving Up” 

    A common misconception is that choosing adoption is the easy way out. In reality, adoption is one of the most difficult emotional experiences. Birth mothers go through so much in choosing adoption. Just because someone decides to place their baby up for adoption does not mean it was an easy choice or an easy process. Choosing adoption means coming to terms with not being able to parent your child, placing them and their future in the hands of potential strangers, and going through an extensive and complicated grieving process. Adoption is the opposite of giving up, and it’s knowing you can’t provide all that you want for your baby and letting them go so they can have more opportunities and chances to succeed. 

  3. Anyone Can Adopt 

    Not just straight heterosexual couples can adopt. The definition of the family is changing, and adoption sees and respects that. The whole point of adoption is to place a child with a family that will love them and provides a safe environment for them to flourish and grow. Whether it’s a single mother, a same-sex couple, or a nuclear family, as long as they are willing to provide what a child needs, they are eligible to adopt. No one gets put ahead of anyone else. Some adoption agencies do not allow adoptees to adopt based on their own religious and moral values. However, Kansas adoption agencies like Adoption Choices of Kansas do not discriminate on race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation. Check with your adoption counselor to verify laws in your state. 

  4. Adopted Children are Treated as Biological Children 

    One of the biggest push-backs on adoption is the misconception that adoptees will never be treated the same as biological children. Thankfully, that could not be further from the truth. Those who look into adoption as a means to start or complete their family do not care if the baby is within their personal bloodline or not. Couples or individuals suffering from infertility or LGBTQ+ couples unable to have biological children rely on adoption to fulfill their desire to be parents. Adoptees are treated as any other biological child and loved just the same.

  5. Adoption is Not an Easy Decision, But a Worthwhile One 

    Unplanned pregnancy is not something you ever plan to go through; that’s the very nature of something unplanned. Trying to decide what will benefit both you and your baby is one of the hardest decisions you’ll have to make. You can always reach out to friends or family for approval or affirmation, but only you know what’s best for you. Indeed, adoption is not an easy journey. There are road bumps, rainbows, mountains to climb, and buried treasures. Everyone’s adoption journey is different, and yours will not be the same as someone else’s, but there are communities of birth mothers to assure you the climb is worth the view.

What Would You Want People to Know About The Adoption Process in Kansas?

Adoption is an experience that few people share. You never really know what adoption is all about until you go through it. There are experiences, questions, and tiny details that no one tells you, and you’ll wish you knew. Our compassionate experts at Adoption Choices of Kansas will do their best to answer every question, ease every fear, and be there for all the midnight panics. If we can leave you with one last piece of advice, it’s this: find an unwavering support system. Adoption is not a journey you should go through alone. It’s harsh and unforgiving, but it’s also beautiful and selfless. Not everyone can go through the adoption process, but those who do always find it more than worth it. What else do you want to know about adoption? What would you want someone starting adoption to know? 

Adoption Choices of Kansas serves birth parents statewide and beyond, please call us or text us to learn more!
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Adoption Choices of Kansas serves birth parents statewide and beyond, please call us or text us to learn more!
Call Us 877-903-4488 or Text Us 316-209-2071

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