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5 Ways to Incorporate Adoption Into Your Holiday Traditions

By Cale Unitas Macke

The holidays can be a time of both joy and sorrow for birth mothers. Although a time of celebration and togetherness, it can also be a reminder of the child they placed for adoption. By incorporating adoption into holiday traditions, you’ll create an inclusive space to honor your choice to give your baby a better life.

Adoption Choices of Kansas knows that the holiday season can evoke all kinds of emotions. We’re here to provide support and offer advice to whatever you are going through. 

Navigating Your Feelings As A Birth Mother During The Holidays

The holidays can be a time of mixed emotions for birth mothers, balancing joy and gratitude with feelings of loss and longing. Incorporating adoption into your holiday traditions can be a powerful way to acknowledge and honor your journey. By creating new traditions or adapting existing ones, you can create a space for reflection, connection, and healing. All of the options outlined below focus on hands-on activities between you and the child. Quality time is a huge emphasis here, with the goal of creating lasting memories and building a connection. Whether you’re considering adoption or have already placed a child up for adoption, you’ll have some great ideas to consider. Take a look at the list below for 5 traditions you can incorporate into your own holiday festivities.

1. Making An Ornament Together

Decorating during Christmas time is one of the most prevalent traditions in households around the world. And for good reason. Whether that is decorating the tree or putting up Christmas lights, they can be a great way to get the kids involved. Making ornaments is a fantastic way to share a creative activity and relax a bit while allowing you to bond. Put on some Christmas music and a movie in the background, and you’ve got yourself a merry night. The best part about this? You can turn this into another shared activity once you’ve both created your masterpiece: hanging your homemade ornaments together! 

2. Crafting Letters to Santa

Another great shared creative activity is writing a letter to Santa. While fun for you and the child, it gives you a great opportunity to learn more about their growing interests. Giving up a child for adoption can make you feel like you don’t know the child. With this tradition, you get a continued chance to get to know them yearly and better understand their developing passions. This can prove to be extremely beneficial for your feelings of loss and longing. Being able to continuously learn and grow with the child is important for both of your individual and shared evolution. 

3. Decorate (and Eat) A Gingerbread House

Making a gingerbread house is an easy and extremely fun way to grow and strengthen your connection with the child. It is another entertaining yet creative outlet that gives you the chance to connect with the child further. You can turn up the heat and turn this into a competition for added fun. This is a great way to see you and the child’s competitive side play off one another and fortify your bond. The best part is that you get to eat your edible works of art!

4. Baking Christmas Cookies

Another kitchen-based activity, baking Christmas cookies, is a fun and tasty way to interact with the child. The entire process offers ample opportunities for engagement, from picking out a recipe to shopping for the items to baking them. This opens up a line of communication with the child, effectively fostering a safe space of collaboration. Once again, this option offers a second step to this exercise: making a plate for Santa! Another great option is combining this one with the Letters to Santa for an all-inclusive themed night. 

5. Christmas Lights 

Finally, we need to include some Christmas lights! Driving around your (or any) neighborhood to see Christmas lights is an easy and stress-free option. It provides you with a close-quarters experience, so you’ll get great one-on-one time. It is also less intensive than the other options listed, which can foster a more conversation-based environment. Here, you can learn more about their musical tastes and really talk about whatever you’d like. You can add to the fun by getting a treat before, during, or afterward. Although a simple option, this tradition could end up being the most meaningful. It offers so many opportunities in a more casual manner, which kids often innately love. 

Quality Time Between Birth Mother and Child

The holidays are a time of togetherness and shared familial values. By adding new traditions to your repertoire, you can forego the yearning for connection because you’ll have yearly closure. The new traditions of your season don’t have to be complicated ones: just focus on quality time and connecting. After all, that is what the season is all about spending time and connecting with your loved ones. 

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