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A Birth Father’s Role and Responsibilities in the Adoption Process

As a birth mother with Adoption Choices of Kansas, you may be curious as to what the role of a birth father may be. For some birth mothers, unfortunately, the birth father is absent for the entirety of the birth mothers’ pregnancy, or the birth mother simply may not know who her partner is. For others, the birth father is there throughout the entirety of her pregnancy. Today, we want to highlight the key roles and responsibilities that a birth father holds in the adoption process.

Who is a Birth Father?

A birth father can be defined as your partner throughout the adoption process. Even in situations where the birth father may be unknown or unsupportive, it is important to recognize that each child has two biological parents. If you know who your partner is, we believe it is important for your child to know who his or her birth father is. If you do not know who your partner is, there are plenty of ways to learn, including DNA tests. 

Even though the birth father may not be physically present throughout your adoption process, keep in mind that he is still curious, and will most likely want to be informed. After all, you and he do share a child together. We understand that each and every situation regarding a birth father is unique, and we want to be able to assist you in understanding the birth father’s roles and responsibilities in the adoption process

Adoption Choices of Kansas strives in supporting you throughout your entire adoption process. If you are unsure of how a birth father can help you, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Roles of a Birth Father

Birth fathers hold many roles and responsibilities in the adoption process. Here are a few that we would like to share with you:

  1. He should be informed. The main role that a birth father plays in the adoption process is that, even though he may or may not be physically present to support you, he should always be informed. As briefly mentioned, birth fathers are curious about whether or not you are pregnant, and he will genuinely want to know how you are doing. Without being informed, a birth father would not know that he is the father of your future child. As a result, he cannot be comforting and supportive towards you. 
  2. He should start to show signs of comfort and supportiveness. Once a birth father is informed, his next key role is to be supportive and comforting towards you throughout the entire time that you are pregnant. Should you both agree that adoption is the best route in proceeding with your pregnancy, you two can work together to begin the adoption process. Feel free to begin researching about the different types of prospective adoptive parents in Kansas who are currently looking to adopt. 

Working together is extremely important and it can lead to a successful adoption. A birth father wants to be supportive, even if it seems that he may not care. Trust us, he does. A birth father never stops caring, and he wants to see a successful adoption just like you do.

  1. He should provide for you. A final role of a birth father is being able to provide for you. This can be through a variety of ways — financially, physically, emotionally and mentally. He can also run errands for you and purchase any and all essential items you’ll need throughout your pregnancy. As your delivery time draws nearer, he could buy a toy that you might like to give to your child once he or she is born. Something to remember you by as they get settled in their new home and adoptive parents. 

When a birth father provides for you, important family members are sure to notice. The adoptive family as well will recognize his sweet gesture or support. They will all truly see that the birth father has done an excellent job and is a good man. Although it may not seem like it at first, all birth fathers do care about you and want to help you throughout your pregnancy and adoption process.

Responsibilities of a Birth Father

Just like the birth father’s roles, he has a lot of responsibilities that he should abide by as well. Here are a few examples:

  1. Keeping in Touch. One key responsibility of a birth father is that he should keep in contact with not only you, but also the adoptive family. Further down the line, he should have contact with the child as well. As we have said previously, birth fathers genuinely care about their children and want to see them grow up to be successful adults. 

Checking in on your child is important, and having him keep in touch with him or her will let them know how important they are and how much he loves them. This can help his grieving process, as well as help the child understand why you and he placed them for adoption. The birth father keeping in touch with the adoptive family and you will also be important for future communication. It will allow all of you to stay on the same page and have a successful adoption journey. 

  1. Making a Note of What to Expect. Another key responsibility of a birth father is that he should be keeping note of any concerns from the adoptive family. He should be getting contact information from the adoptive family in case of any emergency, or if the adoptive family is in need of assistance. He will then continue to reach out about his child, and will be more likely to check in from time to time. 

The birth father can learn about important things like a learning disability during your pregnancy, or medical conditions at birth. He will want to learn more about any conditions that his child has and will hope that you and him share these concerns with your adoptive family and caseworker. This leads to open communication. Without it, a birth father may not be able to help. 

Birth Fathers have Roles and Responsibilities

With Father’s Day quickly approaching, a day like that may bother you. However, we firmly believe that any birth father genuinely cares about his child as well as you, and will help you throughout the adoption process as best as he can. Although it may not seem like it at first, birth fathers have an abundance of roles and responsibilities. A birth father cannot know what to do, however, until he has been informed. The rest will follow, and we promise that all will lead to a successful, and positive adoption journey in the end!

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Jason is a self-proclaimed introvert with Asperger’s who really enjoys writing. He has a huge passion for helping others, specifically those with disabilities. He is very excited to be working with Adoption Choices over the summer, and looks forward to learning more about the adoption process! 



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