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Adjusting to Life After a Kansas Adoption

Once you have completed the Kansas adoption process, adjusting to life after an unplanned pregnancy and the adoption journey. You chose adoption because you wanted the best life for your baby. Within the first few months afterward, you will be on maternity leave and inevitably have a lot of time to think. Naturally, you will worry about your baby or feel sad that you gave the opportunity to raise your child to someone else. These feelings are normal, and you may feel lost at what to do next. Remember that adoption is a selfless act, and the futures of both you and your child are bright. As the days pass, there are a few things you can do to move forward in happiness, this will help you adjust to life after a Kansas adoption.

We at Adoption Choices of Kansas care about you, and we want you to know we are here for you even after you have undergone the adoption process in Kansas.

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Come To Terms With Your Emotions After the Adoption Process in Kansas

There is nothing that can completely prepare a birth mom for the day she signs her parental rights away. Each situation is unique, and expecting to be able to seamlessly transition to your next step isn’t realistic. It’s okay that you are not always in a good mood. Suppressing your emotions will not help you grief. Instead, confide in someone you trust about how you feel. Your adoption specialist can put you in touch with one of our counselors if needed. Your mental health is very important and we want to help you get the support you need throughout the entire process.

Beware Of Negative People Who May Not Understand Adoption in Kansas

Others have a strong effect on all of us. Those around you might have strong opinions about adoption and even say hurtful things. They might even try to convince you the placement was a bad choice. They don’t understand the pain birth mothers can have after giving their baby up for adoption. If you can’t find supportive people, finding a support group online or elsewhere can help. When you express your thoughts, you might be surprised at the number of people who are supportive. Adoption is a selfless choice that others around you may not understand, so have confidence in your decision. Your baby is in loving hands. It might be necessary to end those friendships if they are having a negative impact on your life.

Focus On The Good Aspect About an Adoption in Kansas

If you have an open adoption, you’ll get updates from the adoptive family. Some moms are relieved to see how their child fairs and may even visit them. Other moms find it too painful to see or have contact with their child for a while. This is a transition, so do what is best for you rather than what you’re pressured to do. There are birth mothers who decide never to have communication with their child or adoptive family, and that is okay. 

In some cases, the adoptive family and the birth family develop a lifelong relationship. If this is the case with you, appreciate your new bonds, which you otherwise would have never made. You gave another family the chance to parent, and your child now enjoys a larger extended family. You gave your role to someone else, but your sacrifice was worth it.

Your maternity leave and the time afterward can be used to meet new people or expose yourself to different things. You might even meet another mom who experienced the same thing. Sometimes, retelling your story to someone new revitalizes. You can also involve yourself in a new hobby. Staying busy will help you move forward.

After an Unplanned Pregnancy and the Adoption Process in Kansas, Set New Goals for yourself

After you’ve rested for a while and have a better sense of why you feel the way you do, setting new goals becomes an inevitable step. Whether you’re looking for a new job, finishing your education, or striving for something in your personal life, time does not stop, and your future is still valuable. Writing down your goals can help you visualize your future. If your goals are financially related, reevaluating your budget and spending habits is a necessity. If you’re feeling stuck, talking with your support system can generate new ideas. It might be helpful to break your goals into parts. After you’ve made the steps, start with the end goal and work backward. If needed, you can break down the milestones into smaller steps.

Your Next Step After Your Kansas Adoption

Take things one step at a time. You’ve just made the hardest decision of your life, and there is no rush to hit the ground running the second you place your baby. No two Wichita adoptions are the same, and people around you will not always be understanding. Often, the judgment comes from the myths surrounding the process. You can use your voice to dispel some of these myths. The most important part of all is the happiness of you, your child, and both of your family’s happiness. Adoption Choices of Kansas is here to help when you’re ready. 

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