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There’s so much information about adopting an infant, but something that is not discussed as often is adoption of an older child. There are a lot of unfair stereotypes and judgments made about older children, and because of that, people are often unsure if that is the path for them. Adoption, no matter what the age, Is a beautiful way to create a family. There are successful adoptions at all ages. Adopting an older child has many benefits for everyone involved. If this a route you are considering, here are some things to consider.

  1. Adopting an older child usually means that you will go through the foster care system. This means that your child has probably been living in and out of the system. It also means that the adoption process will be quicker, and more cost effective because there are thousands of children living in the foster care system.
  2. When you adopt a child from foster care, the government will usually provide some benefits for both parent and child in order to cover expenses. Typically, they will help provide you with medical and educational benefits for your child, and sometimes, they will help cover some adoption costs.
  3. Adopting an older child has a wide age range. Typically, these children are between the ages of 2-18, but the majority of children in need of adoption are between the ages of 9-20. The first step is deciding on an age that you feel will be best for your growing family.
  4. In older child adoptions, the adoptee can have a more active role in the adoption process. Some states even require consent from children ages 10 and older. This allows you to form a more trusting an active bond with your child. The adoptee’s consent shows that everyone has a desire to become a family.
  5. Adopting an older child means that you will have to be aware of the emotional needs of your child. These children have experienced neglect, abuse, and trauma, and they will need more patience and emotional support. Even if you are adopting an older child, they might act younger emotionally because they have not had the same stability.

Adopting an older child comes with different responsibilities and challenges. However, it comes with additional benefits. Because the child is old enough to know you, you will both be able to develop a bond initially. They will also be able to express their needs. For many people, adopting an older child is a great way to create or expand their families.

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