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Adoption can be a difficult decision for any adoptive parent. However, sometimes if you are an older couple, there are many additional considerations. Adoption can be considerably more challenging for older couples because there are many societal pressures that come attached to the process. However, if you are an older couple considering adoption, it is important to remember that adoption is not only a feasible option, but also, it is a wonderful way to create or expand your family.

Older couple adoption is not uncommon, many adoptive parents consider having children later in life and choose adoption to do this. Adoption Choices of Kansas and Missouri does not and will not discriminate the adoption process based on your age and in fact we encourage birth mothers to consider all adoptive family options! Call Us 877-903-4488 or Text Us 316-209-2071

The adoption process can be stressful for any new parent, but often, older couples must be more particular in choosing an agency. Sometimes agencies may have age restrictions that will prevent older couples from adopting through that agency. Additionally, some agencies also place prospective parents on waiting lists, in which priority is given to prospective parents between the ages of 25-45. Older couples may be placed farther down on the list, delaying and sometimes preventing the adoption. This is why it is important to find an adoption agency that will work with you and help you throughout the process. Often, adopting through the foster care system can be a faster process, because the states do not have age requirements for prospective parents to adopt. Foster care adoption is a great option for parents looking to adopt children of all ages.

Additionally, older couples must focus on their health. Agencies consider the health of all adoptive parents, but special attention may be placed on older couples. However, age also brings experience and wisdom. In terms of adoption, age can be positive. Many prospective parents may have experience with raising other children, so they are more prepared to bring a new child into their family. Even if they don’t already have children, older couples bring more life experiences and development in order to help the child.

Choosing to adopt at any age has many positives and negatives. Older couples may sometimes face different pressures from society, however, the benefits are worthwhile. It is important to know that adoption for all couples is acceptable, and older couple adoption is not uncommon. Every adoption journey is unique and it is fulfilling for everyone involved.

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