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Adoption FAQ for Birth Mothers

By Elshadie Solomon

This FAQ is here to assist any birth mothers with any questions or information they seek to have during this adoption process. Considering adoption can be a long task that requires support and counseling. Here we can point you in the right direction by allowing you to address any concerns you may have. This way, you can empower yourself to make any decisions that you were previously confused about. At the adoption agency in Kansas, we can guide you every step of the way. As well as support you when giving up your baby for adoption so that you are not alone.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What are the different steps in the adoption process?

The adoption process requires different paperwork to be completed and the adoptive family to be selected. You can choose which specific type of adoption you want to ensure that your needs are met during this time.

2. What are the different types of adoptions?

There is open, closed, and semi-open adoption available. During this time the birth parent can choose which one they would like to have moving forward with the adoption. An open adoption is where you have full contact with the child, semi-open is where you have some level of contact, and closed is when you have no ongoing contact.

3. How do I know which adoption is right for me?

The choice that you make depends on you and the type of relationship you plan to have with the future adoptive family. Our agency is here to explain to you each choice and help you make a plan for your specific situation.

4. How do I know the adoptive family is right?

With the background checks that are offered at the agency, we can provide you with clear home studies that allow you to carefully see each parent. This also allows for interviews where you can see if the adoptive family’s plans are aligned for your child. 

5. What type of support is offered at the adoption agency?

There are many different types of support offered at the agency such as counseling services that allow birth mothers to be given emotional support. This helps the birth mothers explore their feelings so they are able to make an informed decision moving forward.

6. What if I make a last-minute decision during the adoption process?

Your decision during this process is highly respected and our counseling services at the agency are here to support you. No matter the decision you make, we are here to help you explore all the options that you have.

7. How confidential is the adoption process?

This process is very private and is held in very high regard so we can respect all parties involved. Through this adoption journey, we can protect all your rights and make sure that your information is met with discretion.

8. What rights do I have as the birth mother?

Birth mothers are able to make decisions concerning the child and the future adoptive parents. They have the ability to craft an adoption plan so that they can determine the level of contact after placement. Our agency in Kansas supports all your decisions and rights during this process.

9. Can I still have contact with the child after the adoption?

Yes, you are able to have contact with the child depending on the type of adoption that you picked. As well as communication with both the birth parent and the adoptive parent is needed so that agreements are made. Also so that there is a mutual understanding between both parties.

10. Are there any costs during the adoption process?

There is typically no cost to birth mothers during this process but this should be discussed with the agency. We are here to make sure that any financial concerns you may have do not impact your ability to make any decisions.

11. How can I begin the adoption process?

It is important to make sure that you contact the right adoption agency to schedule a consultation. This way they can explain any details in regards to the adoption journey and are able to provide any support to you when you are considering adoption.

12. Which agency is right for me?

At your local adoption agency in Kansas, they help make sure to offer practical support during this time. As well as any resources offered so that you can make the best decision not only for yourself but for the child as well.

Adoption Choices of Kansas

At Adoption Choices of Kansas,  we can advocate for birth mothers’ rights and make sure all their decisions are respected during this process. As well as empower birth mothers so they can make decisions in their unique circumstances. We are able to help so that birth mothers never feel alone during this journey and beyond. We can help navigate any emotional stress or challenges that could arise during this time. While carefully crafting an adoption plan that all parties feel comfortable with. We are able as an agency to match birth mothers with adoptive families based on what they value as well as laying out all the adoption options that they may have to make the right decision during this time.

We understand that an unplanned pregnancy is hard and so the support that is offered doesn’t end after the placement of the child. We are here to help you even after post-placement. We build relationships and ensure that all concerns don’t affect your decision-making process. We are here to help educate as well as nurture all birth mothers who may be feeling confused.

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