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 Finding Adoption Support in Kansas

By Jessica Exstrom

Adoption is a big process to endure. There are so many things to consider, different steps to put in place, and a lot of stress to handle. Making the decision to place your baby for adoption in the first place is a huge decision, but knowing how to place your baby for adoption complicates things. You can feel overwhelmed, alone, or dissatisfied with the situation, but there is help out there to aid you in the adoption. Adoption Choices of Kansas is a local, non-religious adoption agency that can help you with every part of the adoption process.

Deciding the Type of Adoption

A very important part of pursuing adoption is creating an adoption plan. This will serve as a layout for how you want to finish out your pregnancy, and it will detail everything after birth. One of the steps of creating an adoption plan is choosing which type of adoption you want to have. There are 3 adoption options for this:

  • Open Adoption: The amount and type of communication are decided through an agreement between you and the adoptive family
  • Semi-Open Adoption: Communication is done through an intermediary, which is usually our adoption agency
  • Closed Adoption: There is no opportunity to communicate between you and the birth family once your child is placed with them

Each adoption option has advantages and disadvantages. Open and Semi-Open, you can talk to the family, learning about your child as they grow. For Closed, there are no updates or involvement past placement. Any option is completely okay to go with as long as it aligns with your values and keeps you and your baby in the best interest. There is no shame in being uninvolved after birth, but there is also nothing wrong with wanting to know how your baby is as they grow.

Choosing an Adoptive Family

The next part of how to place your baby for adoption is deciding on a family for your baby to be placed in. Yes, that’s right: You get a say in who your baby is placed with! This change allows your involvement in your baby’s future. By reviewing potential families or adoptive parents with your adoption specialist, you get a say in who your child is placed with. Take note of what you value for your baby’s future family, and make a decision that you are confident in and happy with.

Each of our potential adoptive parents goes through an extensive screening process, making sure they are fit to be parents. Through a home study and background checks, we can ensure you that your child will be placed in a safe and loving home. The people wanting to adopt are actively making an effort to take in and take guardianship of babies in need, so you can count on your baby being placed with a family that wants them and loves them.

Financial Assistance Through Your Adoption

Adoption is a long, extensive, and sometimes draining process. With several decisions to make and things to take into consideration, work and home life can often be pushed to the side. Along with this possibility, you may not be as well-equipped as others to endure a pregnancy. We care for your health throughout and after your pregnancy, along with your baby’s health, so we offer various types of assistance.

Although it is not legal to receive money for placing your baby for adoption, there are certain services that we can assist you with throughout your pregnancy. Various bills like rent, utilities, food, and phone service can be covered while you focus on your pregnancy and your baby. Along with various bills, we can help you with acquiring maternity clothing and with transportation to and from appointments. Your adoption specialist can help you get this financial assistance.

At Adoption Choices of Kansas, We Care!

At Adoption Choices of Kansas, we value you and your baby. An unplanned pregnancy can be difficult. There are unknown issues that come up and unfamiliar emotions to deal with. We want you to spend your pregnancy confident in your decisions, and we want you to feel well-taken care of. Through pregnancy, planning resources, and financial assistance, we can help you have the adoption you truly want!

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