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Adoption Support Through The Holidays

By Cale Unitas Macke

The holidays can be a time of joy and celebration, but they can also be a time of great stress and anxiety for those involved in the adoption process, from birth mothers and adoptive families to the adopted children themselves. However alienating or isolating this time may feel, remember that you are not alone, and there are several healthy channels for your betterment ready for use. 

Adoption Choices of Kansas is a non-profit adoption agency that provides a variety of services to support families through the holidays, including counseling, support groups, holiday events, and even financial assistance.

Giving A Child Up For Adoption

Giving a child up for adoption is never an easy decision. There are dozens of factors at play when considering adoption, from financial security to unplanned pregnancy. Whatever the reason is, your choice can be further compounded during the holiday season, when familial values are encouraged and even emphasized. However, there are several local adoption agencies in Kansas that provide resources and services available for ample support. These services range from holiday events to providing financial support.

Financial Support During the Adoption Process

We know that living can be expensive, especially during the course of an adoption; it may become increasingly difficult to work on top of supporting a family. Adoption Choices of Kansas is here to help with this difficult and strenuous part of the puzzle and may be able to offer financial help with some pregnancy-related expenses. You will have the opportunity to work directly with an adoption counselor to determine how best to help (your coverage will depend on your overall needs and current living situation). To see if you qualify for financial assistance, please contact Adoption Choices of Kansas now. 

Safe Housing During the Adoption Process

Similar to not having an adequate financial position, an unsafe housing situation can cause harmful stress to you and your child. That is why we lend a hand during this important step: we will help you find affordable and reliable housing. Having a safe place to call home, even if it’s just temporary, is paramount to the health of you and your child during this crucial life stage. Allow us to help you in your search for a home so you can rest that much easier. 

Medical Care Throughout Your Unplanned Pregnancy

An issue that often causes great concern, with good reason, is that of medical care access before and throughout pregnancy, especially with an unplanned pregnancy. We can ease some of the burden by helping you apply for Medicaid so that you can receive the care you deserve.  

Support Counseling For Birth Mothers 

We know how stressful and difficult this decision and process is as a birth mother and how important it is to have healthy avenues to relieve your grief or anxiety. With the help of a birth parent counselor, you’ll have a champion who will always be there for you to comfort and support you. There are also numerous support groups that further allow you to cope with what you’re feeling and express your emotions healthily. 

Holiday Events For Birth Parents

Holiday events are also a great pathway for grieving parents, as it allows you to participate in and enjoy the festivities while allowing you to heal. This can be something as simple as meeting up with your support group for a cup of coffee or a karaoke night with your friends. The important part is coming together for a shared experience around the holidays for some much-deserved holiday cheer of your own. 

Holiday Support Programs For Birth Parents

The holidays have the ability to bring people and families together, but they also have the capability of evoking extreme sadness. This is especially true if you are a birth mother considering adoption or dealing with the impact of their chosen adoption plan. There are, however, numerous roads of support for you to rebuild and repair. Whether you need more hands-on resources, such as financial assistance or help finding a suitable home, or you need more emotional support in the form of grief relief, we can provide fantastic support and abundant resources for your recovery. (You may also be grieving from another point of view—such as being a sibling to the birth mother—so keep in mind that these support programs from Adoption Choices of Kansas are available to all aspects of the families who are affected by adoption.) 

If you are considering adoption, interested in seeing if you qualify for financial assistance, need assistance with safe housing and/or medical expenses, or ready to work with a local birth parent counselor, please contact Adoption Choices of Kansas.

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