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What if the Adoptive Family Doesn’t Accept or Love My Child as Their Own?

By Jacob LaBau

Birth mothers will meet countless adoptive families until they find the perfect one! Some adoptive families cannot have children themselves and will treat your child like it is their own. You might ask questions such as “what if the adoptive family doesn’t accept my child?” Adoptive parents are subjected to home inspections, background checks, medical history examinations, and more. It took them an eternity to join the waitlist. Because of that, they are more than qualified to be the loving parents that you want them to be. Check out adoption agencies in Kansas to view all potential adoptive families!

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How Does the Agency Check Adoptive Parents?

The adoptive parents will be extensively examined in all aspects of their life. First, they will complete an interview with a social worker. They will inspect the home to ensure it is safe for the child. They will be asked questions determining their responsibility as future parental figures. It is never too late to choose adoption. Learn how to put a child up for adoption and start exploring the prospective adoptive families!

Background checks will be administered to all adoptive parents before joining the waitlist. This is a necessary safety measure to ensure that the adoptive family does not have a criminal record. Their medical history will also be in question. Some examples that will be included in the medical history examination are their age, illnesses, and allergies. In addition, the adoptive family must provide a State Bureau of Investigation report and a child abuse clearance report. Think about choosing an adoptive family who already has experience raising children. You can ask them all kinds of questions about their experiences so far as parents. We at Adoption Choices of Kansas will do everything in our capacity to guarantee that the adoptive parents are ready to love your child!

Choosing the Adoptive Family

You can either look at the family profiles or let your adoption specialist bring the profiles to you. Stay in touch with your adoption specialist once you have reached this stage in the adoption plan. He/she will be the main facilitator when planning future meetings with potential adoptive parents.

Understand what you desire out of the adoptive family. Ask yourself, “what is important to me regarding how the adoptive parents raise my child?” Describe in detail everything important to you to the adoption specialist. The chances of finding an adoptive family that meets all those requirements are slim. But your specialist can match you with the closest possible candidates.

Meeting the adoptive family is a good way to look into their daily lives. We recommend meeting as many families as possible before making your final decision. All families are different from each other. From their views on politics, education, and religion, all the way to how they have fun as a family should be things you keep in mind. Sometimes, the important things you believe are not quite as important as you once thought. One meeting is all it can take for you to know that this is the right adoptive family for your child. Search for adoption agencies near me and figure out your next steps of action!

Communication With the Adoptive Family

This is the best way to eliminate any remaining fears about the adoptive family. Don’t just decide on a family. Keep in touch with them too. Inform them about your hospital visits, mental health, or anything you want to discuss. Keeping a good relationship with the adoptive parents will allow you to get to know their past surface level. It is also a good opportunity for the adoptive family to “meet” the baby and join you on your adoption journey! Find what adoption agencies in Kansas are closest to you and begin mapping your adoption plan!

Determine how much post-placement communication you want with the adoptive family. Open adoption is heavily sought after compared to just a few years ago. Adoptive parents want to share your child’s photos, videos and updates. However, open adoption is not for everybody, and you are free to explore semi-open and closed adoption! Agree with the adoptive family that satisfies both parties.

What if the Adoptive Family Doesn’t Accept My Child?

And we at Adoption Choices of Kansas will make sure of it. Our goal is to place adopted children in loving and caring homes. The adoption process is physically and emotionally demanding, and we will be with you every step of the way. If you are a woman experiencing an unplanned pregnancy in Kansas, do not feel forced to raise the baby yourself.

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