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After Birth Adoption: Placing A Newborn Baby Up for Adoption in Kansas

As wonderful as adoption can be, it is still a time of vast change and unfamiliarity. Thus, with any adoption, there are often feelings of uncertainty and confusion along the way. With adoptions that appear to be unconventional, such as an after-birth adoption, these feelings can be magnified. At Adoption Choices of Kansas, we want to assure you that no matter your circumstances or specific needs, we are here to support and inform you throughout the adoption process. Just because you are having an after-birth adoption, does not mean that it should be more challenging for you than a traditional adoption would be. With this idea in mind, we want to address a few common concerns that birth parents pursuing an after-birth adoption have.

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Can My Child Be Put Up For Adoption After Birth?

The answer is an unequivocal, yes! You can absolutely put your child up for adoption after they are born. In fact, you are able to put your baby up for adoption hours to even months after you step out of the hospital. Even parents who care for the child in their home, are still eligible to choose adoption. We have even seen children as old as two years old be placed in an after-birth adoption.

Choosing adoption is a significant decision that often requires a great deal of thought and consideration. For this reason, some birth parents may not decide until after the birth of their child that adoption is right for them. Other parents attempt to care for the child, only to realize they do not have the time, resources, or temperament to properly raise the baby. 

That is where Adoption Choices of Kansas can help. Regardless of your reason for choosing an after-birth adoption, our team of adoption specialists will work to create a unique adoption plan to fit your needs. It is our goal to ensure that any baby from birth to bottle is given a loving home.

How Different is an After-Birth Adoption, Compared to the Traditional Adoption Process?

Aside from a variation in the timeline and possibly a few fields of documentation, an after-birth adoption can proceed exactly as a traditional adoption would. If you have an adoption plan, you can still follow each step to completion. Even from the hospital bed, you can craft your adoption plan as you see fit. You will still have the ability to choose the perfect adoptive family for you and your child. Prospective family profiles can be examined at any time that you are ready to view them. We can even choose the adoptive family for you if you are in a position where you are unable to do so yourself. Whether you are on your way to the hospital, there, or have arrived home with the child, your adoption will be a simple and stress-free process.

Are There Families Who Will Adopt A Newborn Baby In Kansas?

Just as every family is different, their needs and desires are too. Adoption Choices of Kansas regularly receives dozens of waiting families who are looking or willing to adopt a newborn baby or young toddler. There are families looking for a child anywhere from two days old, to two years old. This means that you and your family will have a myriad of families to choose from, to make sure that the adoptive parents are right for you and your child. Adoptive families will work with you to negotiate when and where the child will be delivered and placed, to craft a timeline that works with your birth plan. As soon as you have decided to choose adoption, you can contact Adoption Choices of Kansas and start searching for your ideal adoptive family.

Will I Still Be Eligible for Benefits and Support in my Kansas Adoption?

Once again, the answer is yes! All birth parents, no matter the conditions of their adoption, are eligible for adoption support. We will help you access any financial assistance with medical expenses or legal fees that is available. Our esteemed staff is here for any birth parent 24/7 to provide the guidance and emotional support you may need. Parents of a newborn are also able to access counseling during and post-placement.  Just because your adoption is special, does not mean your opportunities should be limited.

Working With Adoption Choices of Kansas to Put Your Newborn Up For Adoption

At Adoption Choices of Kansas, you can put your child up for adoption anytime. From the cradle to the car seat, we will guide your child to a new home no matter their stage of life. An adoption is always an option for all birth parents. Our adoption experts are experienced in all adoption cases from the womb to birth and beyond. We have the tools needed to see your adoption be successful. So don’t wait another nine months, call today! 

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