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All About Adoptive Parents- Who, What, and Why? 

By Amber Godin

Are you a birth mother who is considering adoption? And if so, you might be curious about how adoption would work for the adoptive parents. What adoption means for you might seem different than for adoptive parents. When you think of adoption, you might think of giving your child up for adoption. But in fact, it is about planning for your baby’s future and being actively involved in creating an adoption plan. Our adoption agencies in Kansas can help you learn more about the adoption process.

Adoption Choices of Kansas lets you work with your own personal adoption specialist to create your own adoption plan. We are experts in child adoption and will help you see the meaning of adoption as something positive. Adoption can be a beneficial choice if you have an unplanned pregnancy. As a birth mother, you choose the adoptive parents. Furthermore, you choose the level of openness or communication to be maintained post-adoption with the adoptive parents.

Who Are Adoptive Parents?

Understanding who adoptive parents are and how we work with them is important to learn during the adoption process. Our agency works with not only local families in Kansas but across the country who are waiting to adopt. Adoption Choices of Kansas works with waiting families in similar ways, by providing them with counselors for guidance with the process of adoption, as we do birth mothers. We provide extensive background checks and screenings, as well as home studies. Our counselors perform home studies on waiting families to ensure the family is a good match for your baby. We ensure adoptive parents are able to meet your baby’s needs in a safe, secure, forever home. Couples looking to adopt are matched with birth mothers. You browse profiles and choose the adoptive parents according to your adoption plan.

 Who Chooses to Adopt?

Those who choose adoption in Kansas are those who wish to add a new member to their family. This choice is based on reasons unique to couples. Some can be personal, such as infertility. Otherwise, it is based on the desire to add a new member to their family without the risks of conceiving. Adoptive parents are those who choose to adopt because it provides a child with a loving forever home. Those who choose adoption, or adoptive parents, want to provide the unconditional love that every child deserves. And the list of reasons can range from biological to family values that go beyond just biological. From being unable to conceive their own biological child perhaps it’s too risky. Otherwise, whoever chooses to adopt may simply want to provide for someone else’s biological child. A birth mother cannot provide on their own or is simply not ready to take on the responsibility. Those who choose to adopt, adoptive parents, are ready to accept responsibility for raising a child. They also ensure the resources, such as financial stability and family values, that can align with your own. Whoever chooses to adopt shares the same reasons a birth mother chooses adoption. To ensure a child has an opportunity for a life where they are cared for, loved, and supported.

 Why Choose Adoption? 

The answer as to why adoptive parents choose to adopt with our Kansas adoption varies. Reasons can include infertility or avoiding pregnancy complications. Most important reason why adoptive parents choose adoption is because they want to become parents. Adoptive parents choose to adopt because it provides a child with the opportunity to flourish. The decision to adopt considers not only the gift of adding a new member to their family. It is also based on the care for the well-being of the baby’s growth and outcome. To provide a nurturing home so they can grow up with a family who is dedicated to them.

Financial Assistance

To support a child’s health and life. If you are a birth mother, adoption is at no cost to you. For adoptive parents, we offer financial assistance in the form of grants and loans during the adoption process. Adoption is a personal choice for both birth mothers and adoptive parents. At Adoption Choices in Kansas, we can help make adoption simple and affordable for adoptive parents. If you are looking to adopt, the adoption process includes filling out your application with an application fee and setting up a home study. We may ask adoptive parents for additional documentation. We will reach out to agencies near you if you are not local to our Kansas agencies for home studies.

Home Studies

 Once approved through our home studies and completed a “background check and screening”, you will be included in an adoption profile book. Adoptive parents will set up their own “profile,” which will be sent to birth mothers to find a match. Our agency will then work with the birth mother and adoptive parents for the adoption to be final. Adoptive parents also have access to our Adoption Choices of Kansas website training certification program. You can find Adoption U to learn more about the adoption process for adoptive parents. As well as finding the resources to prepare you for adoption.

Frequently Asked Questions About Adoption

Frequently Asked Questions about the adoption process include:

 Is it ever too late to choose adoption?

The answer is no. It is never too late. You can choose adoption before, during, and even after pregnancy.

 Will I get help in choosing an adoptive family?

Yes. We know that choosing an adoptive family can make you feel anxious regarding who will raise your baby. Our team will help you decide on an adoptive family if you feel you need our guidance. Through getting to know more about you, we can help you find adoptive parents that align with your beliefs, values, and preferences on who gets the gift of your baby.

 How will I know if the adoptive family will provide a safe environment in which to raise my child?

We provide social workers with complete background checks for any criminal history, including child abuse or felony. The adoption process for them also includes providing proof of income and financial stability. As well as medical documentation to ensure physical and mental health. 

Will I be able to meet the adoptive family in person?

Birth mothers can choose to meet the adoptive parents or to remain anonymous.

To learn more or get started with your own adoption plan, contact one of our Adoption Choices of Kansas agencies in Wichita or Kansas City. We provide guidance and support to help you make the best decision for your unique circumstances.

Whether you are a birth mother or a couple considering adoption, you won’t find a better agency than ours at Adoption Choices of Kansas. We are a compassionate, professional team that listens and offers the resources, guidance, and support you need. You can get started in creating your own adoption plan today, or simply learn about creating one if you are unsure. We work at your pace and without pressuring you. When you search under adoption Kansas, we are here to help you gain clarity and confidence in this highly personal, often private decision.

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