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All About Birth Fathers in Kansas

By Ryan Yau

As a birth mother considering adoption, you may have questions about the role of the birth father in the adoption process. Adoption Choices of Kansas can inform you all about birth fathers and what role they can play in adoption.

Birth Father Can Contribute to the Adoption Process?

You may have heard that the birth father does not assist in giving your child up for adoption. While the unfortunate truth is that sometimes birth fathers do not help out, that does not have to be the case. Of course, the birth mother has to carry the child, which is much of the difficult work. However, a great way for the birth father to assist is by helping plan the adoption. With your consent, the birth father can be involved in the creation of your adoption plan.

Your adoption plan covers any financial requirements you may have during the adoption process. This can include housing and rent costs, medical bills, food, and transportation. You will also be able to choose services like counseling. Additionally, you can plan out the details of your adoption, such as what type of adoption you want. The birth father can assist by making a plan that fits your wants and needs for the adoption.

Of course, you can still receive external help. With our adoption agencies in Kansas, you will receive the services of a specialist to help with your plan. They can keep you informed about the adoption process, including any legal action you need to take.

Birth Father Can Remain in Your Child’s Life

Another misconception is that the birth father (or mother) is unable to keep in touch with their child after adoption. However, both birth parents can definitely remain in the child’s life. This depends on what type of adoption you choose for your child.

An open adoption allows you to remain in your child’s life. The birth parents exchange contact information with the adoptive family, so you will be able to contact them. This allows you to keep in touch with your child’s family and even act as a role model for your child. The birth father can play a similar role. Of course, this depends on both your wishes and those of the adoptive family, so be sure to discuss them beforehand.

There are many types of adoption that can fit your needs. You may want a semi-open adoption, which means you receive updates on your child but not contact information. Or you can go for a closed adoption, where you receive neither updates nor contact information about your child. This fully depends on your needs.

The Birth Father Can Care Just as Much About Your Child

As the birth mother, you create a unique bond with your child by carrying them through nine months of pregnancy. However, the misconception that the birth father has no reason to care about your child is untrue. Even if you have decided that adoption is the best choice for you and your child, he may still care.

You Can Place Your Child for Adoption Without the Consent of the Birth Father

Even if you and the birth father disagree on what to do with your child, you can put your child up for adoption. However, this is circumstantial. You can place your child for adoption without the birth father’s consent if any of the following conditions are true:

  • The birth father’s parental rights have been terminated
  • The birth father has abandoned or neglected your child
  • The birth father is seen as unfit to parent by a court of law
  • The birth father has chosen not to be involved with the child
  • The birth father has failed to support you for six months before childbirth

If any of these are true, you will have the final say on what to do with your child. However, if the case is less clear or there are disputes, we recommend you refer to an adoption attorney. They will help with any potential legal proceedings and inform you about your rights as a birth mother. Part of the support you receive from our adoption agencies in Kansas includes the help of an adoption attorney.

Learning More About the Adoption Process

Hopefully, we answered any questions you may have had about birth fathers in the adoption process. If you have any further questions or are seeking clarification, Adoption Choices of Kansas can help. We are dedicated to informing you fully about the adoption process so that you can make the best decision.

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