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All About the Birth Mothers: Who Are They and Why Do They Choose Adoption?

By Rachel Smith

When learning about how adoption works, you often might see the term “birth mother” appear. But what does this term mean for you? In the adoption process, a birth mother refers to a biological mother who gives birth to an adoptee. Birth mothers can range in age and situation. Not one is the same, but they all share the same goal: giving up their baby for the greater good. There are many adoption agencies nearby to help with this big prospect.

Adoption Choices of Kansas supports all birth mothers in varying situations to help them achieve their adoption goals. Here is everything you need to know about birth mothers—their options in the adoption process, support systems, and misconceptions.

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Adoption Process Support for Birth Mothers

Birth mothers play a major role in the adoption process. First, they make the tough choice to adopt out their baby. Then, they give birth and decide where their baby will grow up. Adoption Choices of Kansas provides support to help you with these hard decisions.

The private adoption agencies near you treat birth moms with the dignity and respect they need to carry on. Personalized adoption plans are discussed with the birth mother to cater to the needs of her and her baby. The counselors go over Kansas adoption requirements and the Wichita adoption process to ease the stress of the whole process.

Birth mothers get a major say in the future of their child. They can choose from various adoptive families, including religious and family beliefs. She can decide how often they wish to see their child if they wish to at all. Birth mothers can even choose adoption after their child is born. Birth mothers have many options when putting a child up for adoption. Adoption Choices of Kansas is here to provide those options and support those choices through the difficult process. 

Physical Support for You as a Birth Mother

Adoption Choices of Kansas believes that birth mothers should only worry about their baby. The agency translates this belief into action by providing financial support through grocery and rent payments. Healthcare can also factor into financial support, as the agency provides the medical care you and your baby require. The aid isn’t just physical. The agency provides mental health support. The local Kansas agencies provide counselors to discuss personal adoption and birthing plans to prepare you for the emotional challenge.

When birth mothers put their baby for adoption, the agency meets their full social and emotional needs. Birth mothers can receive support from the state and our private adoption agencies near Wichita, Kansas. Not one birth mother is the same, so this support can vary across cases. It is important to contact our local adoption agencies to learn more about the specific support you can receive. This pregnant adoption help can make it easier to focus on what is most important, you and your baby.

Misconceptions about Birth Mothers

There are many common misconceptions about birth mothers. While some are little misinterpretations, others are extremely harmful to the birth mother and adoptee. These myths include: 

1. Birth mothers are selfish

A few people believe that birth mothers are selfish or simply do not love their kids. In reality, birth mothers are extremely brave. Some birth mothers might be homeless or in unsafe living conditions. Some do not have the finances to provide for their children. By choosing adoption, their selfless act allows their child to live in carefully-constructed, loving, and secure environments. Some birth mothers love their children so much that they sacrifice their parent-child relationship for their child’s wellbeing. If that’s not selfless, then what is?

2. Adoption Means Goodbye

This is very untrue. Birth mothers can choose three types of adoption, varying on their preference. First, closed adoptions, where the parent and child retain no contact, are possible. However, that form of adoption is scarce. Most birth mothers choose to keep contact with the adoptee. This can be done through Adoption Choices of Kansas or from the adoptive family directly.  

3. You are all alone in the adoption process 

Though birth mothers themselves may feel this way, it is important to note that birth mothers are not alone. Even without the support of family or friends, local adoption agencies in Kansas are always there for birth mothers. Besides the financial support, counselors are there for the birth mother’s emotional needs as well. In addition, the Kansas adoption agency offers mental health support along with understanding staff that is always available. These services can even extend past the birth of their baby. Adoption is a difficult process, and Adoption Choices of Kansas will not let birth mothers go through it alone.

Birth mothers are integral parts of the adoption process. If you are considering adoption because you can’t take care of your baby, that is completely okay. Giving your baby up for adoption is a big decision, but a justifiable one nonetheless. Contact an adoption agency near you, and our representatives will help create a personalized plan to help you. As intimidating as the adoption process is, it can procure great results and does not have to be completed alone. 

Choosing adoption is not giving up. If you need unplanned pregnancy help now, Adoption Choices of Kansas serves birth parents statewide and beyond. We can help with teen pregnancy, financial assistance, difficult situations, and more. Please call us or text us to learn more! Call Us 877-903-4488 or Text Us 316-209-2071

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