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Am I Too Young or Too Old to Choose Adoption? 

If you become unexpectedly pregnant and you are a teenager or a mom with a complete family, you probably have an array of emotions right now. They probably aren’t good emotions either. You could be feeling scared, stressed, thinking, “why now?” and even thinking about whether you are too young or too old to choose adoption. These are all valid feelings to have. It’s okay if you feel like this!

You might be thinking about all of the different options you have. You can have an abortion and forget about this unplanned pregnancy. You can raise the child, either as a teen or already as a mom, adding another child to your family. Your other option is adoption! This may be the best option for you if you want to carry your child to term and want them to be a part of happy and healthy family life, but you can’t provide that for them.

We are here for you at Adoption Choices of Kansas if you need any support and if you are interested in adoption. We can help you figure out if adoption is the best option for you. We want you to feel safe and secure when you are connecting with one of our adoption caseworkers. It’s our highest priority that you feel safe and makes the best decision for yourself.

I’m Having an Unexpected Teen Pregnancy

If you are a teenager in high school and you find out you are unexpectedly pregnant, you are probably thinking that your life is over and that you’re going to have to drop out of school to raise your child. But, that doesn’t have to be the case! An adoption is an option for you, even if you are a teen in high school.

Teen pregnancies are common, so you are not alone in what you are going through! You might be scared and not know what to do now. We are here for you to help guide you through an Kansas adoption process if that’s what you would like. We don’t want you to feel ashamed or feel like you can’t ask for help because you are in high school. We are a great resource for teenagers who are thinking about adoption during such a traumatic time in their high school life.

Am I Too Young to Choose Adoption as a College Student?

Being in your early twenties, you are figuring out life and adulthood. You are seeing what you like and what you don’t. This is your prime time to figure out what you want to do with your life. Unfortunately, an unplanned pregnancy can halt your plans so fast.

College is a great time to meet new friends and to expand your experiences, but an unplanned pregnancy wasn’t in your synopsis. You can choose adoption for yourself and your baby even while taking college courses. Putting yourself and your future degree and career first is okay! It is completely valid to choose adoption out of selfishness. Yet, in the end, choosing adoption is the most selfless thing you can do because you know that you can’t raise your baby right now. Giving him or her the chance to have a life that you wish you could give them later on in life is so selfless.

I Am Already a Mom. Can I Still Choose Adoption?

You may be a mom of one, two, three, or more kids! You may have a loving and happy family, and a new child would have been wonderful years before now. You are not too old to choose adoption. It’s okay to feel like adoption is the best choice for you, your baby, and your entire family.

You may feel very guilty for choosing adoption because you don’t want to hurt your family by giving this new child away. This may be a really hard decision because, throughout this unexpected pregnancy, you and your entire family may become emotionally attached to the unborn child. This can make adoption very hard for everyone involved.

We understand how many emotions you are feeling, and they are all valid. Remember that we are here 24/7, no matter how old you are. Whether you are a younger or older birth mother, we want to help you and support you as much as we can. You are never too old to choose adoption. Even if you already have kids of your own at home, you can choose adoption!

You Are Never Too Young or Old to Choose Adoption or Contact Us!

You can contact us 24/7, no matter if you are a teenager in high school, a sophomore in college, or a mom of three! No matter how young or old you are, you can contact us and choose adoption. Our Wichita adoption caseworkers will be here for you through every part of your unplanned pregnancy and even afterward.

We are always here for you at Adoption Choices of Kansas and want to be the support team you may need. Connect with an adoption caseworker today and see what your adoption options are! Whenever you are ready to start your Kansas adoption plan, you can contact us no matter your age!

Adoption Choices of Kansas serves birth parents statewide and beyond, please call us or text us to learn more! Call Us 877-903-4488 or Text Us 316-209-2071

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