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Are Birth Fathers in Kansas Forgotten During the Adoption? 

By Morgan Jacobus 

When considering adoption options for you and your child, you may have many questions and worries you aren’t sure how to answer. Of course, one of the biggest questions to answer is how to give a baby up for adoption, which we are here to help answer. You have already started in the right place by finding the Adoption Choice of Kansas. No matter your circumstance, we are here to help you through each step of the adoption process. 

Beyond making the choice of giving your child up for adoption, you’ll also look into adoption agencies in Kansas and consider what type of adoption to pursue. For instance, you may wish to choose private adoption in Kansas. Another issue you may have concern over is how the birth father fits into the process. 

We understand that having to consider the birth father can be a stressful and difficult situation to be in, but you are not alone. For many pregnant women, the relationship you have, or don’t have, with the birth father can be complicated. We have worked with many women who have been in a similar situation as you, and we are able to help you throughout this process. 

Kansas Laws Regarding Birth Father Consent 

While state laws around adoption vary, they are typically similar. When it comes to the state of Kansas, the birth father must be legally notified of any adoption proceedings. However, there are some circumstances in which consent is not required by the birth father, including: 

  • If the birth father’s parental rights have been terminated
  • Abandonment or neglect of the child took place by the birth father 
  • The birth father abandoned you after hearing about the pregnancy
  • The birth was the result of rape 
  • If he is seen as unfit by the court, whether as a parent or incapable of giving consent 
  • After being informed about the pregnancy, he doesn’t want to be involved 
  • If he failed to support you during your pregnancy for at least six months before childbirth

If you are unsure if the birth father of your child needs to be notified, consult with your adoption agency or attorney.

Birth Father Opposes Adoption

In a situation where the father is notified and opposes the adoption, it can make the adoption process more complex. Sometimes time and more information can generate more support, but if he is still unwilling, he may choose to petition for custody. As described before, he may not be granted custody if he is seen unfit. To gain custody, he has to prove that he is able to and willing to provide for the child on his own. If he is given said custody, he will retain his parental rights and gain custody when the child is born. 

We know that every situation is different, and we are here with you each step of the way. If the birth father is unsupportive, it could be worth seeking out medical and adoption professionals for advice. This could benefit both you and the birth father, which Adoption Choices of Kansas can help you with. Meeting with such professionals can lead to you both being more confident in the decision that you pursue. Consulting with an agency like ours will help you decide what is the best course of action. 

Don’t Know Who the Birth Father Is? 

If the birth father is unknown, you will likely have to try to find them. Then, if you are able to, you will also have to make an effort to inform the birth father. However, the same conditions mentioned before still apply. If he doesn’t support your pregnancy or wishes to be involved, you will not need his consent to pursue adoption. In a situation where the birth father is unknown, it’s recommended to tell your adoption agency or attorney. 

Though the birth father does have a role to play, choosing adoption is still up to you and what you feel comfortable with. After all, you are the one who will be carrying the child throughout the pregnancy, including the physical and emotional consequences that come from your decision. 

Adoption Choices of Kansas

Overall, with a Kansas adoption, it depends on the situation of each birth parent. Consulting with adoption agencies like Adoption Choices of Kansas is crucial to make sure you have all of your bases covered. We know it was likely not an easy decision or process to determine how to give a baby up for adoption, so we are here to support you with information and resources. Adoption Choices of Kansas has many resources in place for you, including carefully screened adoptive families to choose from, a home study checklist to prepare those families, and more.  

If you are a woman considering adoption but are unsure of her options or how to proceed, contact Adoption Choices of Kansas

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