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What Birth Mothers Want the World to Know

Placing a child for adoption is no easy decision for any birth mother. This choice is made even more difficult by many social pressures and stigmas that these women often face. There are many unfair assumptions and beliefs about the adoption process, and this has...

Having a Child After Placing One for Adoption

The decision to place a child for adoption has long-term effects on the birth mother. While a birth mother’s decision to choose this option is a selfless act of love, she may feel lasting feelings of pain, guilt, and uncertainty. As a result, this can have effects on...

What Birth Mothers Look For In Adoptive Parents

For many birth mothers, there are a lot of considerations to be made when looking for an adoptive parent/parents. Often, you want to find a family who shares similar values, and will give your child the life that you would want them to have. Searching for the perfect...

Why Adoption Is not Giving Up

Adoption is one of the most difficult decisions that any mother can make. It is already an emotional time for the woman as she may be surprised by the pregnancy, unsure of how to move forward, or faced with a lack of support from her family or community. Sometimes,...
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