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Beginning the Adoption Process as a Pregnant Woman in Kansas

Facing an unplanned pregnancy when you are not ready to be a parent can be an overwhelming experience. You are probably anxious about how your future will unfold, and if you will lose opportunities you otherwise would have had. Lacking a strong financial and emotional support system to bring a baby into your life can also be distressing. Despite feeling like you are confronting a major obstacle, know that you have options to get around it so that you have a hopeful future to look forward to. 

Adoption is a very rewarding option, and it may be the right choice for you. If you are a pregnant woman in Kansas, Adoption Choices of Kansas can help you if you are thinking about beginning the adoption process. Here are some initial steps for you to take as you embark on your adoption journey: 

  1. Arrange to Meet with an Adoption counselor 

When you reach out to Adoption Choices of Kansas, you will have the opportunity to speak with an adoption counselor who can help you process the complex situation you are going through and provide you with necessary information to explore all of your options. One of the things your adoption counselor will help you work through early in the process is completing all necessary paperwork. Make sure before you reach this step that you can provide proof of your pregnancy. Your adoption counselor is there for you to answer any questions you have at this stage and direct you to any emotional support resources if you need them. Don’t feel like you need to hold back on anything. Our counselors have helped hundreds of women with a wide array of circumstances, and we are ready to give you the help you need.

  1. Plan for any Necessary Assistance

If you are currently facing any financial, emotional, housing or medical difficulties, or if your pregnancy will put you in a position where you may face such hardships, you will want to put together a plan to mitigate them. The good news is that Adoption Choices of Kansas can assist you with getting financial support, finding housing, applying for Medicaid, and securing good medical care, so that you can focus more on the adoption process and less on other life stressors. We also have many wonderful emotional support counselors on staff who can help you navigate and process all the intense and complicated feelings that can arise during this challenging time. 

  1. Find a Doctor

In order to ensure a healthy pregnancy and smooth delivery, you will want to find a doctor you trust and feel comfortable with early on. You want someone who will carefully listen to any concerns you have and will be able to answer your questions. You and your doctor can discuss a nutrition, exercise, and supplement plan that will work best for you. As part of your health plan, you will also need to determine if you have any health conditions that could complicate your pregnancy so you can manage them as soon as possible. 

  1. Get Started on Your Adoption Plan

A crucial step you will take that will set the stage for the rest of the adoption process is thinking about what to include in your adoption plan. In general, your adoption plan will consist of the type of adoption you’ll pursue (i.e. open, semi-open, or closed), what characteristics you want to see in an adoptive family, and plans for your delivery and hospital stay. You get to be in charge of the specifics of these core adoption plan components. You will also want to build a support system and find where you can access emotional support in case you need it. 

All of these parts of your adoption plan require careful planning, and our counselors at Adoption Choices of Kansas can help you get all the necessary information so you can craft an adoption plan that accommodates your needs. We are also a great resource for your emotional support needs, and we can help you think of ways to build your support network. 

Begin Your Adoption Journey with Adoption Choices

Beginning the adoption process can seem overwhelming at first since everything feels so unfamiliar and uncertain. However, you don’t need to be alone on this journey when you choose Adoption Choices of Kansas. When you take control of your adoption journey from the very beginning, you can feel more confident throughout the rest of the process that your adoption journey will lead to a happy ending for everyone. 

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