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Benefits of Semi-Open Adoption

Dealing with an unplanned pregnancy leads to a lot of uncertainty. What’s the best option for me? Can I afford to parent or not? Do I want to parent? If I choose adoption, how much do I want to be involved? The great thing about adoption is it comes in many forms and is pretty customizable for your needs. Having a lot of options is nice, but it can be a little overwhelming and difficult to navigate on your own.

Fortunately, you are not alone. Adoption Choices of Kansas is always here for you, no matter what. If you’re looking into adoption in Kansas, we’re here to help. As an adoption agency, our primary goal is to help you and your baby. We never pressure you into any decisions and only want to provide you with the resources you need to make the best choices for you. That said, we’d like to share some benefits of semi-open adoption with you..

What is Semi-Open Adoption?

If you don’t know, there is a middle-ground between open and closed adoption. Not everyone wants complete transparency in their adoption, just as not everyone wants complete anonymity. A semi-open adoption fills the need for that in-between area. In a semi-open adoption, you still can pick out the adoptive parents. Communication lines are open but are restricted, often to letters, emails, or cards mediated by a 3rd party, like our adoption agency.

Adoption benefits everyone in different ways. You deserve to benefit from a semi-open adoption just as much as the adoptive parents.

Benefits of Semi-Open Adoption for the Birth Mother

  • Privacy: There are many reasons a birth mother might want privacy. Whatever your reasons are, semi-open adoption allows you to have that privacy without compromising your ability to check up on your baby. Birth mothers really appreciate the flexibility.
  • Peace of Mind: Putting your baby up for adoption doesn’t mean you care any less for his or her well-being. Semi-open adoption gives you the privacy you need while still being reassured your baby is in good hands. It can significantly decrease feelings of unease and uncertainty.
  • Easier to Move Forward: Grief and mourning are things any birth mother goes through post adoption. Adoption is a unique experience in that you have to grieve over someone who’s still alive. Being able to get pictures and letters throughout their life can make it easier for you to move forward.

Benefits of Semi-Open Adoption for the Adoptive Parents

  • Access to Medical and Background History: With a semi-open adoption, the adoptive parents will be able to request medical history that may not have been given to them initially. Additionally, they can ask about other background information that can be useful.
  • More Clearly Defined Roles: Having two sets of parents for one child can get confusing. But, fortunately, semi-open adoption prevents unclear roles.
  • Confidence in Parenting: By choosing semi-open adoption, you’re giving the reins entirely over to the adoptive parents. They will feel empowered and encouraged that you picked them out, because you knew they’d be the best fit to raise your baby.

Benefits of Semi-Open Adoption for the Child

  • Knowing Their Background: With access to mediated communication, the adoptee can ask about family history, heritage, and more to help them with self-identification as they get older. This is a huge benefit, as it leaves them with fewer questions and can help promote healthy self-development.
  • Avoids Feelings of Abandonment: Having that line of communication allows the adoptee to ask questions about his or her adoption. Knowing why they were put up for adoption and keeping that open communication line helps them avoid abandonment feelings.
  • No Need to Search Later: Adoptees will inevitably want to know where they came from. There’s no need to search and create tension for the adoptive parents with access to communication to their birth parents.

How could Semi-Open Adoption Benefit You?

Adoption benefits everyone in different ways, and semi-open adoption is no exception. You deserve to benefit from a semi-open adoption, just as much as your child and their adoptive parents. Communication is a big part of making your adoption journey as enjoyable as possible. Being able to voice concerns, needs, and wants is important, even post placement. It makes the entire adoption process better for everyone and more comfortable.

Not everyone wants to or can have a completely open adoption for a variety of reasons. Semi-open adoption gives everyone the best of both worlds. You get peace of mind and privacy. With the majority of today’s adoptions having some openness level, semi-open adoption may be the most beneficial option for you.

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