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Birth Father Consent in Adoption: Does My Husband Need to Agree to the Adoption Plan?

By Noah Abrams

Experiencing an unplanned pregnancy is difficult to bear, whether you are in a committed relationship or not. When considering adoption, it is important for birth mothers in committed relationships to understand birth father consent. In most states, including Kansas, the birth father has rights regarding adoption. Though true, there are exceptions that would allow the birth mother to go through with adoption without the birth father’s consent. For example, if the birth father is unknown, doesn’t accept the child as his, or denies paternity. In these instances, the birth mother would be able to proceed with adoption.

For those in a relationship, an unplanned pregnancy can complicate things, especially if both parents aren’t on one accord. One may be ready to have a child, while the other may not be. This is common and a major reason why parents seek adoption services. At Adoption Choices of Kansas, we will educate you on the adoption process and how consent plays a part. Our counselors are available 24/7 and will introduce you to legal professionals. They will be able to address any concerns and educate you on the complexities of consent.

Who is Considered the “Presumed Father” 

Before looking into private adoption services, there are certain things you should know. One of them is that a “presumed father” is acknowledged legally as the father of a child. In most cases, this is because of his marriage to the mother when the child is born. Additionally, it can be caused by his active role in the child’s upbringing. Kansas has laws regarding adoption requiring the consent of the presumed father. These laws are put in place to protect his parental rights should he want it. This also encourages equality between both parents legally. Without his consent, he could contest the adoption, resulting in it being overturned potentially. A situation like this can create instability for your child, so birth mothers should be aware before making arrangements. Acknowledging and understanding the rights of presumed fathers helps ensure legal compliance.

Emotional Considerations for Birth Parents Considering Adoption

Beyond the legal protocols, there are emotional factors involved when including the birth father in the adoption process. Authority is the birth parents’ hands to create an adoption plan, choose the adoptive family, and the method. This reflects the shared responsibility of both parents, respects his position, and considers his emotional connection. In addition, navigating this journey together can offer emotional support for both parents. This can ease the stress that the adoption process brings, helping both handle the emotions and complexities involved. Lastly, the child knowing that both parents had a hand in the adoption decision creates a sense of security. Addressing the emotional implications of the adoption process helps foster mutual support and a better outcome for the child.

Importance of Open Communication and Shared Decision-Making Throughout the Adoption Process

Having open communication and making decisions together is very important for the birth mother and father. Being honest and discussing all available options can result in an ideal and mutual decision. This includes parenting or working with an adoption center to help place your child for adoption. If a mediator or outside voice is needed, counseling is a beneficial option. Seeking therapy or counseling together can help address and overcome any emotional hurdles and ensure both parents are supported. When working together, the parents can make better, well-informed decisions legal obligations, and emotional stability. 

Adoption Choices of Kansas is Here to Help

“If I put my baby up for adoption, am I a bad person?” If you’ve thought this or thought that you are giving up on your child, know that you are not! Choosing adoption is not giving up. Adoption is a pro-life decision that allows you to provide your child with a safe and loving family. In addition, you allow a deserving family to be parents to a child. This is an amazing opportunity they might not have had otherwise. Lastly, you have peace of mind knowing that your child is loved and safe.

At Adoption Choices of Kansas, we understand the complexities of the emotional toll the adoption process takes on birth parents. We also recognize some people’s desire to adopt a kid. It’s important to note that our requirements to adopt a child are the same for any potential adoptive parents. If you are looking to adopt, help is available through us. If you are considering adoption and are pregnant, help is available through us. We help birth parents navigate the adoption journey and inform them of the protocols of consent in adoption. Contact us today to learn more about our private adoption services and address any of your concerns.

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