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Birth Mother Adoption Bill of Rights in Kansas

As a birth mother, you get to choose everything when it comes to adoption. You are the one who is having an unplanned pregnancy, so you are the one who is solely in charge. Of course, there are some circumstances where you may not have the sole responsibility of adoption choices. This could be because the birth father is in your life or is informed about the adoption, and he does have birth father rights. Here at Adoption Choices of Kansas, we want to guide you, the birth mother, through every part of your adoption. We know that the adoption process can be hard for you, but you are the sole decision-maker. We will make sure that you get your full birth mother adoption bill of rights. We want to give you as much unplanned pregnancy help as we can.

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What Are My Rights as a Birth Mother?

We know that you probably have a billion questions about adoption and what you even get to decide when it comes to your child’s adoption. That’s okay! Ask as many questions as you want. We have adoption caseworkers who are here to answer any and all questions you have about adoption.

As a birth mother, you have a lot of rights when it comes to adoption. You have the rights to all of the following:

  1. You can choose adoption for yourself. This is a big part of your adoption rights, to actually be able to choose adoption for yourself and your child. It is so important that you, as a birth mother, get to make your own adoption decisions when you find out you are unexpectedly pregnant.
  2. You can choose which type of adoption you want. This is important because this will decide how much communication and privacy you would like. You can choose between three different types of adoption: open, semi-open, and closed adoption. Each has its own amount of communication and privacy negotiated between you and the adoptive parents.
  3. You can choose the adoptive parents. When you connect with one of our caseworkers here at Adoption Choices of Kansas, we will guide you through a database full of potential adoptive parents. When you are ready to decide who adopts your child, you can choose whichever adoptive parents you want for your child based on many factors on their profiles. You can see their names, age, ethnicity, gender, hometown, even their personalities! This is all up to you because even though you can’t be the parent for your child, you can choose great parents to give your child a happy and healthy home and life.
  4. You can create a hospital and birth plan. This is your choice! You are the one who is pregnant, and it’s only fair that you get to decide how your child’s birth date goes. You get to choose which hospital you give birth at and how your entire day goes. You can choose who’s in the room with you if you want music if you want to meet the adoptive parents and anything else like that!
  5. You can name your child. This is a right that you have. Although the adoptive parents can change the name, you can still name your child whatever you would like. This is an option for you as a birth mother, and it may be very important for you.
  6. You can choose how much time you have with your child before he or she is given to the adoptive parents. You can choose if you want to be alone with your child for a little bit after you give birth to them. Even though you chose adoption, you may still have an emotional connection with your child. You may even just want to have a little bit of time with your child before the adoptive parents take them home. You can do this as the birth mother! We want you to be happy, and if having that alone time with your child before the adoptive parents bring him or her home, we can arrange that for you.
  7. You can get your own adoption attorney. The adoptive parents will pay for this attorney. This attorney will guide you through the legalities of the adoption. An attorney is very important when it comes to adoption because you want to make sure that everything is legally fair for all parties involved, especially for you and your child.
  8. You can choose if you want post-placement counseling. We offer professional counseling to birth mothers during and after the adoption because an unplanned pregnancy and adoption can be very draining on your mental health. We want you to be taken care of, and professional counseling is so important for many birth mothers. It’s okay to ask for help. We are here for you.
  9. You can get financial help. This includes housing and money for food. We want to make sure that you are financially covered because we know that being unexpectedly pregnant can be hard on you financially. Connect with one of our adoption caseworkers and see what financing options we have!
  10. You can change your mind about adoption at any time! Before you sign the final relinquishing papers, you can change your mind about adoption. You can stop and start the adoption process over and over. It is all up to you, and we are here for you throughout the entire process.

What If the Birth Father is Involved?

If the birth father is involved with the adoption, he is entitled to his own birth father’s rights. This can be really difficult if you are not in a relationship with him right now, or he is abusive and is not fit to be a father. In these certain situations, we do assessments and can have his birth father’s rights taken away from him. If you have any concerns about a situation like this, please connect with one of the adoption caseworkers, and he or she will gladly help.

The birth father does have rights in your adoption plan. This includes signing off on the adoption and even helping you choose the type of adoption and the adoptive parents. We know that you may feel frustrated about this because you are unexpectedly pregnant and may just want to choose adoption for yourself, so we try and help as much as we can by giving you the most rights.

Connect with Us Today and See How You Can Utilize Your Birth Mother Adoption Bill of Rights

Connect with an adoption caseworker here at Adoption Choices of Kansas, and he or she will tell you all of your rights as a birth mother. If you have any questions about your rights as a birth mother, we have a team who will have all of your answers. We are here for you even if you don’t choose adoption through us. We want to be that support for you. Our adoption caseworkers are here for you 24/7, and we are ready to tell you all of your birth mother adoption bill of rights.

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