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Birth Mother Support Groups in Kansas and Adoption Agency Support Post-Placement

By Nicole Hatton

Have you recently placed your child up for adoption and don’t know what your next steps are? Or are you considering adoption for your baby and want to know what things are like after? Whatever your situation is, there are many adoption services in Wichita to help you through the adoption process. Whether you need help with creating an adoption plan or just received news of your unplanned pregnancy, Adoption Choices of Kansas has got you! You will have support from beginning to end. However, if you are more concerned about what things are like post-placement, this article will target those possible concerns! Keep reading to learn more about.

  1. What is a birth mother support group?
  2. Why should I join a birth mother support group?
  3. How do I join a birth mother support group?
  4. What potential challenges might I encounter with support groups post-placement?

What Is A Birth Mother Support Group?

A birth mother support group is a community of birth mothers who have placed their baby up for adoption. It can consist of people from any age. They can include birth mothers who have done adoption before or are considering adoption. These groups can be helpful for prospective birth mothers who would like to gain more insight and receive emotional support. They can be facilitated by mental health professionals and social workers as well. Support groups are primarily focused on birth mothers, but some groups can also invite adoptive parents to certain discussions or events. Birth mother support groups provide a safe, non-judgemental space and promote understanding. They can meet online, in person, or do a combination of both. The way each support group does things may vary, but all are there to provide emotional support, connect, and empowerment.

Why Should I Join A Birth Mother Support Group?

Birth mother support groups are a great resource to help you process your emotions and share any stories. They provide a safe and non-judgmental space for you to share stories and any feelings you may have. It can be relieving to get things off your chest as you process your emotions. Sharing with others who can relate to you can provide comfort, validation and a sense of belonging. Building those peer connections contributes to having a sense of community and awareness. Sometimes, it can be difficult to navigate things on your own. Birth mother support groups can share coping strategies and techniques for dealing with emotions. You can also learn more about legal rights, post-placement issues, and other adoption-related topics. Additionally, they can engage in advocacy campaigns or efforts to reduce stigma and educate others.

How Do I Join A Birth Mother Support Group?

There are many different ways to find a support group. You can search online, social media, online forums and websites, or contact adoption agencies. Adoption Choices of Kansas has counselors that you can speak with and who can help you find a group that you like. You could also check with local community centers, churches, hospitals, or attend adoption-related events. Friends, family, or acquaintances may also have knowledge on any support groups that you can join.  

What Potential Challenges Might I Encounter With Support Groups Post-Placement?

While sharing stories is a great way to cope and process things, it could also be emotionally triggering. Whatever you decide to share with your support group, make sure that you are comfortable. You can share whatever you would like and if you need to pause or revisit something, that is OK. It can be difficult to revisit your emotions or live through it again. If at any time someone else is sharing a story and you feel uncomfortable or triggered, feel free to step out for a moment. If there are any sensitive topics in particular, communicate with your support group and they will hopefully understand your boundaries. The thought of giving your child up for adoption can be a lot to handle. Take the necessary steps and time that you need. When you’re ready, your support group will be there to listen.

I Want To Join A Support Group But I’m Not Sure About It Just Yet. What Should I Do?

Joining a support group is voluntary, so you can decide how much involvement with it feels comfortable for you. You do not have to decide right away to join one or not. While you’re in the process of deciding on joining one, you can communicate with the adoptive family if you’d like. You can exchange pictures and letters if you have decided to do an open adoption or semi-open adoption. If not, you can focus on anything else you may have going on with your personal, academic, or professional life. You could join right away or even years after delivering your baby. If you do not join one, you can still read adoption stories from our Adoption Choices Of Kansas – Blog. Feel free to take the time to process things on your own before joining a support group if you’d like. The thought of giving your child up for adoption can be a lot to take in. However, remember that you are not giving up on your baby or yourself. Adoption is not a quick and easy process for many birth mothers. Any feelings you may experience such as grief, loss, regret, and more are valid. It’s important to remember that everyone embarks on their own adoption journey. 

If you would feel more comfortable speaking with someone one-on-one, Adoption Choices of Kansas can connect you with an adoption counselor! No matter what decision you make, we will be there to support you and address any concerns. Even if you are lacking a personal support network or feel hopeless, we’ll provide you with love and support. We have assisted numerous birth mothers and would be happy to support you as well!

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