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Can I be Pregnant and Addicted and Still Choose Adoption? 

When dealing with something as strong as an addiction, it can take a lot of time and energy just to deal with it from day to day. Whether it be drugs, alcohol, or any other substances, addiction can cause a lot of mental and physical stress and strain. If you add in a baby to this picture, it can make an already overwhelming situation feel unbearable. 

Adoption can be a great choice for pregnant women who are struggling and do not want their struggles to be in the way of their future children’s lives. There are questions that come to mind when birth mothers make the decision to place their baby for adoption in Kansas. Here are three of the most prominent ones.

  • Can I Place My Baby for Adoption if I’m an Addict? 

Yes! Whatever the circumstances are, if you feel you aren’t ready for motherhood, our adoption agency is able to help you find the right adoptive parents for your child, and can even provide you with financial assistance to cover your medical bills, if you are found eligible. In some cases, we can help you end your addiction, if you desire.

  • Do Adoptive Families actually Adopt Children of Addicted Parents?                                         

Yes, they do. Plenty of adoptive families are waiting for the opportunity to become parents and are ready for the challenges they will face when they adopt the child. Adoption Choices of Kansas ensure that all of our prospective adoptive parents are educated and enlightened, so they truly understand what to do for the child.

  • What Happens after I Give Birth? 

After you’ve given birth, if the child is found to be addicted or exposed to drugs, then the hospital will provide the child with all the help they will need to ensure health, safety and happiness with their adoptive parents. As for the birth mother? If you should feel that you still need some help with beating your addiction, if it’s what you wish, our adoption agency will still find every avenue we can to make sure you are fine as well. Because your life is just as important as your child’s life. 

Can I be Pregnant and Addicted and Still Choose Adoption?

Addiction can be hard. The tolls it can have on the body can be overwhelming. When you add in pregnancy and raising a child into the mix, the effects of addiction can be even harder. But if you ever wonder: Can I be pregnant and addicted and still choose adoption? The answer will always be yes.

Adoption Choices of Kansas is a great way to go, because we will provide you and your child with all the support you will need. We care about our birth mothers and babies’ lives that are in our care, and will never turn you away if you need our help. 

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She enjoys helping those considering adoption or going through the adoption process any way she can. This internship opportunity truly resonated with her and she hopes that her words will connect and inspire everyone who reads them.

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