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Can I Create an Adoption Plan If I Don’t Know Who the Baby’s Birth Father Is? To a Potential Birth Mother in a Kansas Adoption

If you are a pregnant woman considering adoption but are wondering how your adoption process will go, you cannot tell who your baby’s father is. Then you found the right agency to help you. Our Kansas adoption agency deals with all kinds of situations when it comes to a potential birth mother, so don’t worry, if you don’t know your child’s birth father, that’s perfectly okay, as you can still create an adoption plan. We at Adoption Choices of Kansas have listed the steps you can take to make your personalized Kansas adoption plan for you and your baby if you are doing this without the help of your child’s birth father.

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What to do if the Birth Father is Unknown During an Adoption

Knowing your child’s father means he may help you in your adoption process; however, if you don’t know your birth child’s father, that’s okay. You can still choose to give your child a chance to have a better life by placing them up for adoption without the birth father knowing.

Now, going through this adoption alone may become overwhelming but, with the help of a birth parent caseworker, you will receive the support you need to prepare for your adoption. Our agency, Adoption Choices of Kansas, will never let you feel like you are alone. As a birth mother, knowing that the love you have for your child and your choice of adoption is all that your child will need to understand that you did what was for their best interest at heart despite not knowing their father might make them feel a bit better because their happiness is all that matters.

Here is what to include in your adoption plan:

  • Decide on what type of adoption you want
  • List your wants and needs in your unique plan
  • Pick your child’s adoptive parents
  • Have open discussions with the adoptive parents
  • Create a going-home plan for you, your baby, and the adoptive parents.
  • Make sure to bring, sign and date all legal and adoption documents that will finalize your adoption.
  • Create a post-placement adoption plan

How to Deal with Not Knowing the Birth Father

 As a birth parent having a partner to support may make it easier; but, with only you as their support, your birth child may wonder if they will get to meet and build a relationship with their birth father. Having an unknown birth father may cause your birth child to experience some emotions like sadness and grief and might make them feel like they are missing a part of themselves. As the birth mother, explaining the situation to your child will be hard, as they might want to connect to their birth family. As a birth mother, your job might be to tell them about what their birth father may be like or help your child locate them someday. By doing this, your child might feel better about their adoption, knowing both of their parents.

Advice to Birth Mothers Undergoing the Kansas Adoption Process Without the Birth Father

As a birth mother, if you are having trouble not knowing who your birth child’s father is, you can always speak to your adoption caseworker to help you figure this situation out. Not knowing who the birth father of your child is a hard thing to deal with but know that your child still has you and will still be able to feel love from the people they have in their lives. Our local adoption agency in Kansas, Adoption Choices of Kansas, will let you know that the Kansas adoption process is always a top priority for us and that your unique situation will be handled with love, care, and support. At our Kansas adoption agency, Adoption Choices of Kansas, you will never feel alone, and we will ensure you have the tools to help your baby have a successful adoption story to tell.

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