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Can I Place My Baby Up for Adoption if I Already Have Kids? 

By Megan Kostraba

Wondering if you can place your child up for adoption while you already have children is a very common question! Anyone can experience an unplanned pregnancy, including mothers. Choosing to place your child up for adoption is a very personal choice, and many different women will have different reasons to do so. Whether you have had kids previously or if this is your first pregnancy, adoption is always an option for you, and you can reach out to any adoption agencies in Kansas to go over your options. 

Considering Adoption

Something we want you to understand straight away about adoption is that you are not “giving your child up.” We believe that phrase to have a negative connotation, wherein birth mothers then believe in the misconception that they are “giving up”—as in, giving up on their child. This is the opposite of what we believe. Adoption is a wonderful option for those who wish to give their child a different life, with opportunities that they themselves may not be able to present. Choosing adoption is a difficult decision that only certain individuals can relate to, and it’s personal to your needs and wants.

Deciding that adoption is what’s best for you is not a selfish choice—it’s one made with care for your child and with the hope that they will have a good life with another family. With an adoption agency, we can ensure that your child will be placed with loving and caring people who have their best interests at heart—this is our goal. 

Regardless of whether you have children already or not, an unplanned pregnancy can be scary! Adoption Choices of Kansas wants you to feel assured that we understand the situation you are in and that you are choosing adoption because you believe it is what’s best for your child. 

Placing a Child up for Adoption if You Already Have Kids

We know that you’ve thought about this a lot. You may feel a sense of guilt with choosing adoption if you already have kids, wondering how you can be a parent to some but not to one more. We understand. It’s an emotional choice with a lot of factors and unknowns, and it is not easy to make at all. Placing a child up for adoption is hard enough, but it becomes even more mentally challenging if you already have children. Remember that we understand, and we will be there for every step of your adoption plan

You are not alone in this decision. Many mothers have had to make the decision to place one of their children up for adoption. There are several reasons and factors that impact your decision to adoption, but ultimately, it all comes from a place of selfless love, not selfishness. This is important to remember! Whether it’s your second, third, or fourth child, our adoption agencies can help guide you through the adoption process and guarantee that your child will be in a safe and loving home. 

Understanding Your Choice of Adoption

We understand that, as a parent, you have several worries and responsibilities on your shoulders. Whether it’s financial stress, medical issues, or an unsupportive partner/family, being a parent means that you have to make hard decisions constantly. Some mothers may be pursuing other goals in their life or have future plans that don’t include an unplanned pregnancy. If you face any of these situations, or even others that are unique to your life, adoption might be the best option for you. Adoption does not and never will indicate that you don’t love or care for your child. In fact, it shows just how much you do.

Adoption is giving your child options in life that you may not be able to provide, and we understand. We realize how distressing an unplanned pregnancy can be—it’s happened to many women, and it will continue to happen as time goes on. That is why we here at Adoption Choices of Kansas are here to help. You are always our priority. 

Working alongside an agency during your pregnancy will highlight all the processes that show you how we place a child up for adoption. Through this, you can observe our process, like how we chose an adoptive family and how we interview them to guarantee your child’s safety. With our agencies in Kansas and adoption services in Wichita, we can help you create the best adoption plan that fits you and your family.

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