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Celebrate National Adoption Month in Kansas

Every year, when the month of November comes around, it is a special time for many adoption agencies in Kansas and birth mothers, just like you. You may be asking, “What is so special about the month of November?” It is National Adoption Month! All over the nation, people are celebrating adoption. Let’s look a bit further as to what it is to celebrate National Adoption Month.

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What Is National Adoption Month?

The start of celebrating adoption began in Massachusetts in 1976. A Governor named Michael Dukakis dedicated a week to celebrating adoption. This was eventually turned into an annual celebration in 1984 by President Ronald Reagan. However, it was not just made an annual celebration in Massachusetts, but all over the country as well. It didn’t stop there! In 1998, President Bill Clinton officially declared a mandate making November National Adoption Month. This means during the month of November, adoption and all-adoption-related topics are openly celebrated and talked about.

Why Adoption Month?

Adoption is a unique process that is worth being celebrated. It provides the ability for a birth mother to give a special gift to prospective adoptive parents ­­­— a child. Adoption is a way to form families forever. Sometimes there are individuals who have a desire to raise a child and start a family but are not able to do so naturally. This is where adoption comes into play. It provides opportunities for people to start families. 

However, not only does adoption change the lives of the prospective adoptive parents, but it also changes the child’s life. This child is adopted by individuals who will love and care for them. Adoption also gives a birth mother the option of a second chance. Whether it be a chance to pursue her dreams or a chance to provide a life for her child that she would not be able to otherwise. Adoption has an impact on the lives of everyone involved, and it is a gift to each and every one of them.

Another reason why we celebrate adoption is to bring awareness to this amazing process. Adoption is quite common but believe it or not, most people don’t know very much about it besides the basic facts. It’s important to educate one another and spread awareness for adoption— as it helps and brings joy to numerous people and families every year. Overall, adoption is worth being celebrated and made known!

Start Celebrating National Adoption Month!

You might be asking yourself, “How do I celebrate National Adoption Month?” here are some really great ways to celebrate. 

1. Educate others

  • Talk to your family, friends, neighbors, coworkers, etc., about adoption. 
  • Share your experiences, trials, question, and advice.
  • Don’t be afraid to open up and share memories about your adoption journey. 
  • Let others know the benefits of adoption. 
  • Suggest adoption to those around you who may be interested.

2. Dive into “all things” adoption

  • Pick up a book (or two) about adoption.
  • Read and share any adoption blogs or articles you may come across during the month of November.
  • Watch a documentary, an educational talk, or testimonials about adoption.

3. Connect with those who have helped you during your adoption process

  • Take time to reach out to your adoptive family.
  • Prepare a small gift or letter for them.
  • Have a conversation or even call them. 

Are You Considering Adoption?

Adoption is truly a special gift from the moment you choose adoption to become a part of the supportive Wichita adoption community. The journey as a whole is so unique! If you are looking to choose adoption or know someone interested, reach out to Adoption Choices of Kansas today. We are happy to be here for you throughout the whole adoption process. We hope to make your adoption journey one remember.

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