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Celebrating Birth Fathers and Adoptive Families: Ways to Honor Parents

By Emily Gonzalez

As the month of June comes near, many of those in the adoptive community look forward to celebrating two important holidays: Father’s Day and Birth Father’s Day. 

Father’s Day is a well-recognized holiday celebrated annually on the third Sunday in June across many countries, honoring both fathers and father figures. On the other hand, few are aware that Birth Father’s Day is a day of gratitude celebrated on the Saturday before Father’s Day. Ultimately, both days honor and appreciate the different forms of fatherhood.

The observance of Birth Father’s Day and Father’s Day can often elicit complex emotions for many birth fathers. These celebrations serve as critical moments that encourage them to acknowledge and reflect upon the decisions made within the adoption process

The recognition of Birth Father’s Day is a time to confront this range of emotions. It is also a moment to contemplate their role in making a courageous and selfless decision. It’s a special period that encourages empathy, respect, and support of the diverse experiences and journey of adoption. Adoption Choices of Kansas offers a variety of resources designed to offer assistance and information to empower and guide these individuals in their respective roles.

What Is Birth Father’s Day?

Birth Father’s Day honors the biological father’s role in their contribution and emotional involvement when they placed their child for adoption.

The purpose of Birth Father’s Day is to address the great strength and courage they have made in their decision that has impacted the birth parents, adoptive parents, and child involved. It is a special day to reflect on their role as a father and bring forth the importance of those involved in the adoption process.

Exploring Creative Approaches to Celebrate Birth Father’s Day

 For birth fathers to maintain active connection with their child and the adoptive family, there are a blend of methods to celebrate: 

  • Writing Letters is a timeless approach that warmly captures the thoughts and reassurance of both the birth father and the child.
  • In-person visits offer a special opportunity to help solidify bonds. It also forms lasting memories achieved through an organized time to be present for the child as they develop.

Other gestures include sharing updates through photos or videos to the birth father. This enables them to witness the child’s growth, and achievements, and gain a sense of their identity. These acts expand beyond a familial connection. But it reinforces that everlasting love and commitment, regardless of the factors or other complexities, will be there for the child.

Being open to these initiatives, birth fathers have the opportunity to actively engage in a continuous journey. This offers reassurance and joy, comprehending their pure love and connection that has been cemented in choosing adoption.

Support for Birth Fathers Not Actively Involved

Birth fathers who lack contact with their child or adoptive families may benefit from peer support groups and counseling sessions These support groups foster a safe and understanding environment to help birth fathers process their emotions. 

In both peer support groups and counseling services, there are opportunities for birth fathers to connect with others who have gone through similar experiences. This can help birth fathers not feel isolated but can reinforce a sense of understanding and validation of their feelings. Both methods can help birth fathers come to terms with previous decisions and reflect on their impact.

Such practices can help birth fathers feel empowered for their efforts in their role as biological parents. Private adoption services or other types of adoption services can offer specialized support and resources tailored to what an individual is seeking.

The Gift of Adoptive Parents: Recognizing Their Commitment and Effort 

Adoptive families encounter a trajectory of experiences and obstacles requiring respect, compassion, and understanding in their effort to build a family. Their contribution and impact, similar to birth parents, deserve to be acknowledged and celebrated.

Since becoming adoptive parents, they have navigated unique challenges with dedication. Their willingness to be the best figures for the child is obvious.

Through love and gratitude, adoptive parents and birth parents can mutually express their appreciation towards one another. 

Celebrate Birth Father’s Day with Adoption Choices of Kansas!

Birth Father’s day, regardless of their involvement in their child’s life, offers a space to reflect, heal, and be empowered by their adoption experience. This contributes to feeling proud of their decisions and sharing their stories that encompass the complexities of adoption.

For such warm moments not limited to a particular day, Adoption Choices of Kansas serves to guide and offer resources for such circumstances.

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