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Celebrating Self-Post Adoption Placement: A New Year, A New You

By Amaya Jones

You just made one of the biggest decisions you will ever make in your life. You’ve placed your baby for adoption. You thought long and hard about this choice. It was confusing and scary. So many times you wondered if you were doing the right thing. There were nights where you couldn’t sleep because your mind was racing with a million questions. Is this really the right choice? Am I making a mistake?

You looked up adoption agencies in Kansas and found Adoption Choices of Kansas. They helped you throughout the entire process. From finding information about unplanned pregnancies to finding a counselor who was with you throughout the entire adoption process, from choosing your type of adoption to formulating an adoption plan. You weren’t alone throughout this entire journey. Now, it’s come to an end, and you’re unsure of what to do or how to feel. 

First off, take a minute to breathe. Second, know that what you went through before and during the adoption process is completely normal. You aren’t the first woman who’s wondered if she has made the right choice for her and her baby. What’s done is done. So drop your shoulders and unclench your jaw. Your work is done. Time to shift your focus to something just as important: you.

Remember to Practice Self-Care Throughout Your Adoption Journey

You have just gone through placing your baby up for adoption, not to mention pregnancy. You have been through an extreme physically, emotionally, and mentally transformative process. And that’s saying nothing of the adoption process. That alone created its own source of stress, anxiety, with some excitement here and there. But all of that is over now. You came out on the other side. Time to realign yourself, and there are so many ways of doing this.

  • Meditation: Practicing meditation can be a great way of dealing with highly stressful situations. It’s a way to connect your mind, body, and soul. 
  • Journaling: You could also journal. You could go traditional and keep a diary or do mindfulness journaling. Every day, write something you were grateful for or something that made you laugh. List the goals you wish to accomplish that day.
  • Self-care: Now, self-care can be a lot of things. It’s not always taking relaxing baths, completing a skincare routine, or anything like that. Sometimes, self-care can take the form of doing things that make you happy. Start that book you’ve been meaning to pick up. Whip up something delicious in your kitchen. Go out and explore your neighborhood or city. This is about uplighting you. Anything goes!

Life After Adoption

As you get resettled into your previous way of life prior to giving a child up for adoption, you might have lingering thoughts of all you’ve been through and the baby you parted with. You might wonder if they’ll be happy with their new family. You might hope that they’ll be taken care of. You might even wonder what might have been, if you had decided to keep your baby after all. All of these questions and thoughts are normal. It shows how much you care about your baby. Your decision to put them up for adoption shows how much you care. Find comfort in that. 

As you readjust to life following the adoption, know that things will be okay. You will get through this. And also know that this experience has changed you, strengthened you even, in lots of positive ways. Take care of yourself. All of yourself. Also, know that Adoption Choices of Kansas has resources on how to readjust to life after adoption. 

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