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Changing Your Mind After Adoption

Considering adoption is an important decision and ultimately a mother’s choice. If at any point in the pregnancy you feel you should parent the child instead of the adoptive parents, you have the right to change your mind. Also, if you feel unsure about the adoptive parent. You can raise your concerns with your adoption professional. You decide whether or not this is the right home for your child. If you need to talk to someone immediately about your options when giving child up for adoption. Let us help you: get connected to an adoption agencies in Kansas, such as Adoption Choices of Kansas or Missouri adoption professional.

After the baby is born, you can determine amount of time to decide about the adoption in accordance with your state laws. Typically, waiting periods range between 3 and 10 days after you sign the official paperwork. If you change your mind, the case will be taken to court, and a judge will decide who will be awarded parental custody of the child. The longer you wait to decide, the harder it may be to convince the court that you should have custody of the child. Once the court awards legal custody to the adoptive parents, you can no longer change your mind.

When a mother terminates an adoption after being matched with the adoptive parents, often referred to as a ‘disrupted adoption.’ Disrupted adoptions can be very painful for everyone involved. Adoptive parents and birth mothers place a great deal of trust in each other when deciding on adoption. Adoptive parents take big emotional and financial risks when adopting. It is important to educate yourself now to avoid a disrupted adoption at all costs.

Is Adoption is The Right Choice for You and Your Child?

Here are some of the most common deciding factors:
  1. You cannot support a child financially, or you do not have a safe or encouraging environment to raise a child in. This may mean that your parents won’t allow you to live at home with your baby. You may not even have a home at the moment. Or maybe the baby’s father may not be prepared to provide child support, and you’ll be raising a child alone.
  2. You feel you are too young to be a parent. If you are a teenager, you may be physically ready to have a child, but you aren’t emotionally and financially prepared to take on the role as a parent.
  3. You already have children, and you’re not in a stage of your life where you feel you can raise an unexpected second, third, or fourth child.
  4. Raising a child will disrupt your plans for the future. Simply put, it might not be the right time in your life to have a child. Maybe you wanted to play sports, have a career, travel around the world. Maybe it’s finishing high school or college. Having a child will change all of this.
  5. You want a better life for your child than the one you can provide. Considering adoption is ultimately a selfless choice where you place the needs of your child above your own. Raising a child in a one-parent home or in a home with many financial challenges might not be the ideal life you had in mind.
  6. You cannot go through with an abortion, or it is too late in the pregnancy to have an abortion, but you are unprepared to raise the child yourself.
  7. You feel life is a gift, and you know there are many couples who cannot have their own biological children and would love your baby as their own.

Adoption Support

During pregnancy, there are a range of emotions you may be dealing with. All of which makes it difficult to make the right decision for you and your child. Becoming a parent, no matter how much you want to, may or may not be the right choice. The best thing to do is prepare yourself with as much information as possible for an adoption in Kansas. You can seek support for your decision, and understand that this is a tough decision to make. Even on the right path, there will be moments of doubt.

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