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Choosing a Couple Who Already Has Children to Adopt my Child

As a birth mother with Adoption Choices of Kansas, you will have the option to choose the adoptive family who will adopt your child. Couples that already have children tend to come as an obvious choice for a lot of birth mothers. Couples with children that adopt add another child to their family. They have current and up-to-date experience with their children and they can use these skills when it comes to adopting, even if the couple has biological children. 

Special bonds between two or more children can form quickly and it can be important for the future. One excellent and recent example of adopting for couples with other children in the Disney channel T.V. show “Jessie” along with its sister show, “Bunk’d”. Both follow the story of the Ross children. The children are of varying ages and although have their differences, they love and care for each other in the end. It is a great show to watch and it can be an excellent choice if you have decided to adopt and your birth child would be curious as to knowing what it will mean for him or her to have a new brother or sister. 

Today, we look at “Jessie” and how the show presents adoption and what it means for a couple that wants to adopt, but already has children. There is a video clip below of an excerpt from an episode where character Luke wants to learn more about adoption. He chooses to talk about it with his adoptive mother and the process goes smoothly. 

As seen in the clip, Luke asks about his life when he was adopted, despite being a teenager. Babies can have moments like this with Luke and it can prove to be very effective. Also looking at Luke’s overall attitude, he doesn’t seem to be bothered at the fact that he lives with an adoptive family. Adoption is a wonderful process and shows like “Jessie” help to show just how important it can be to live in an adoptive family, yet it is okay to ask questions even if the adoptive mother is afraid. 

For more on families with children, visit Adoption Choices of Kansas or text us at 316-209-2071 or call us at 877-903-4488We are more than happy to help you find the right family to fit your individual situation and we look forward to helping you with your adoption story. Parents with children are a wonderful couple to consider and they are highly looked up to and have a lot of the experience that birth mothers are looking for. Please remember to reach out to us if you need any help with your adoption plan!

YouTube Video: courtesy of Disney Channel Africa

Author Bio: Hello! My name is Jason and I am an Editorial Intern for Adoption Choices for the Summer of 2020! To read more about Jason, click here!!

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