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Choosing a Private Adoption Agency over an Adoption Facilitator 

If you are a potential birth mother researching private adoption in Kansas, you have just entered a world that may seem complex and difficult to understand. There are so many different things to consider when looking for unplanned pregnancy help and choosing to place your child for adoption that it may seem overwhelming. It may seem overwhelming right now, but with time the feeling will pass. You are probably at an important stage of your adoption research and trying to decide what adoption professional is the best for you.

One adoption professional may have come up in your research, and that is an adoption facilitator. Adoption facilitators are just one of many different types of adoption professionals that birth mothers can consider working with. However, we at Adoption Choices of Kansas want to give you the full information about adoption facilitators and why we think that you should consider choosing a private adoption agency over an adoption facilitator

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What is an Adoption Facilitator? 

An adoption facilitator is an adoption organization. They are often also called law centers. Their purpose is mainly focused on finding matches in the Kansas adoption process. They will help birth mothers and adoptive families match together. 

However, that is the extent of their services for the most part throughout an adoption plan. 

This is because adoption facilitators in Kansas are unlicensed and unregulated. Because they are unlicensed and unregulated, they cannot be a part of the finalization process. They cannot provide any legal services to birth mothers or adoptive families. After matching together, birth mothers and adoptive families will have to find lawyers outside the facilitator to finalize the adoption. 

Disadvantages of Adoption Facilitators

While adoption facilitators in Kansas may be able to help birth mothers find an adoptive family for their child, that is all they can do. Because of this, there are quite a few disadvantages that adoption facilitators have that could affect not only you as the birth mother but your child as well. 

Those disadvantages include: 

  • Lack of Adoption Services 
    • One of the most important disadvantages to working with adoption facilitators in Kansas is that they lack any adoption services that you can expect from a licensed adoption agency. Birth mothers do not receive services offered at agencies, like Adoption Choices of Kansas, such as financial support, housing, transportation, or medical attention. This lack of vital adoption services could affect not only you, as the birth mother, in your ability to be able to pursue an adoption, but it could affect the health of your and your child. 
  • Lack of Support
    • Adoption facilitators in Kansas also lack another key element of adoption services, and that is not having support services available. Adoption Choices of Kansas knows that it is not just your physical health that needs attention, but your mental health as well to have a safe, healthy, and stress-free pregnancy and Kansas adoption plan. Adoption facilitators do not have support services available such as counseling, your adoption team, social workers, or adoption professionals. The lack of an adoption team is also important to note because without an adoption team, it becomes harder for your voice, needs, and wishes to be met during and after an adoption is finalized. 
  • No Regulations or Licensing 
    • It is also vital to know that adoption facilitators are not regulated or licensed in Kansas. They have not held to the same standards that adoption agencies such as Adoption Choices of Kansas are. This means that they are not monitored on an annual basis like licensed adoption agencies would be. Adoption facilitators in Kansas are not required to meet any set rules or standards in their practices. These factors mean that it is very easy for poor practices, bad decisions, and neglect to take place with adoption facilitators. And because adoption facilitators are not licensed or regulated, seeking retribution for what you feel is misconduct could be difficult. 

Choosing a Private Adoption Agency over an Adoption Facilitator 

Going through the path to placing your child for adoption can be an exhausting, stressful, and emotional journey. It is vital during this time of struggle, hope, and possibilities that you are supported and taken care of. It is important not only for your well-being but for your child’s well-being, too. Adoption Choices of Kansas knows this to be true! We want you and your child’s needs met to the fullest extent, and it may not be possible for an adoption facilitator in Kansas to provide that for you. 

No matter what you decide, a private adoption in Kansas or an adoption facilitator, the choice is yours to make! There is no right or wrong answer. It is just down to what you feel is best for you and your baby in your circumstances. For you, an adoption facilitator may be the best option, and that is okay! 

Whatever you decide, we at Adoption Choices of Kansas just want you to have all the information you need to make the best decision for yourself. 

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