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Choosing a Single Kansas Woman to Adopt My Baby

By Janae Pabon

One benefit of choosing one of our private adoption agencies in Kansas is that you are given the ability to select the adoptive family. You can work with an adoption counselor to search through the available families and choose the one you see fit for your baby. This allows you to fulfill whatever criteria you have for the family that will raise your baby. 

You may decide during pregnancy that you want a single woman to adopt your baby. This is completely allowed! There are many women out there who want to be single moms and are searching for a baby to fill their lives. You can fulfill their dream by choosing a single woman for your Kansas adoption. Adoption Choices of Kansas, one of the amazing adoption agencies near you, can help you find the perfect single woman to be your baby’s adoptive mother.

Why Choose Single-Parent Adoption?

Some expectant mothers would rather their baby be adopted by a single woman. There are various reasons why this may be the case, and here are some:

  1. Choosing a single woman as your baby’s adoptive parent may prove financial stability. Financial stability may be one of the most important factors in choosing an adoptive family. If a single woman is very stable and financially successful on her own, it shows that she will be able to provide for your baby, too. 
  2. She can give your baby full attention and grow an important and strong bond with them. With just her and the baby, however, she would give the baby her undivided attention. The bond that a single mother and her baby form is strong and resilient and can help the child feel loved and protected. 
  3. Living with a single mother can teach your baby over time to be independent. Choosing a stable single woman who you believe would be the perfect adoptive mother means you are providing your baby with a good role model. As they grow, they will learn the value of independence. They will absorb this influence and learn that they can achieve all they want with hard work.
  4. As a birth mother, you are able to get to know the single woman one-on-one. You can learn a lot about her life before choosing her as the adoptive mother. You can see where she lives, her lifestyle, her family, and her friends. Getting to know her personally provides reassurance that she will provide your baby with the lifestyle you want for them.
  5. Finally, your values and interests may simply align well with hers. You may find that a single woman holds the same values and morals that you want your baby to be raised under. 

Both Single-Parent and Two-Parent Adoption Are Great Choices

Just because a woman is single doesn’t mean she will be any less of a parent. There are many single women out there who would love to raise a child and would make great mothers. A single woman can know that they want to adopt a child and completely prepare themselves for this change without a partner. As long as she has financial stability and can provide the baby with love and a good environment, a single woman can make a great mother. Just because they are single does not mean they have less love to offer!

Of course, single-parent adoption is not for everyone. Every expectant mother has an idea of what kind of adoptive family she wants for her baby if she follows through with adoption. There are many benefits to choosing a married couple to raise your baby as well. We want you to know that no matter what kind of adoption you want, we will help you find the perfect family.

Adoption Choices Can Help You Find the Perfect Adoptive Parent

You may have been wondering, will adoption agencies near me allow me to choose single-parent adoption? Our adoption agency will! These criteria, and more, can be fulfilled when you choose adoption with Adoption Choices of Kansas

If you are looking to place your baby for adoption in Wichita, Kansas City, or anywhere else in the state, or if you are already in the adoption process, know that you have choices. Adoption Choices of Kansas will help you find the perfect single woman to be your baby’s adoptive mother.

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