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Choosing a Single Man to Adopt Your Baby in Kansas

As a new birth mother having an unplanned pregnancy, things may be overwhelming and hard to figure out on your own. Your ideas of how you want your life to go may be up in the air due to this life-changing event, and you may be scared of what the next steps are. Just know that even though this event may seem scary, and if you have a lack of support, you will always have support from Adoption Choices of KansasIf you decide to forgo adoption, know that there are various types of families you may place your child with depending on what you want for them and their future, as the environment they are raised in will affect them in certain ways. One of the types of families that may seem unconventional is single men seeking adoption. Adoption Choices of Kansas is here to inform you on choosing a single man to adopt your baby in Kansas. 

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Why Single Men Seek Adoption

There seem to be many stereotypes surrounding the adoption process. A few of these are that children should be adopted by “conventional” families for their adoption to be successful. Conventional families can look like a man and woman who are married, not too old or too young, and possibly have kids of their own. However, this is not the only type of family seeking adoption, as there are many people who would be wonderful parents even though they may not be expected to adopt due to society’s biases. One of these groups is single men seeking adoption. Here are several reasons why single men may seek adoption. 

  • Doesn’t Have a Partner

If a man is single and does not have a partner to have a child with, he may consider adopting a child independently. In society, it is a common misconception that women want children more than men do. However, this is not always the case. Men can want to be fathers just as much as anyone else, and a wife or partner is not required to want to do so. There may be many reasons that a single man does not have a partner to have a child with, and this does not necessarily say anything about his character. It is important to change the conception of what is considered “normal” in society. Just because something is not common does not mean that it is not normal.  

  • Wants to Help a Child in Need

Another reason a single man may seek adoption is that he wants to help a child in need. 

He may have a strong morality surrounding children in need, and adoption would be just one way to be able to do his part. There are many children in need of adoption and many people who are seeking adoption to take care of that child. If every child went to a family that seemed conventional, there would be many children who would not find loving homes. Single men seeking adoption are looking to give a loving home to a child in need, and that is what matters the most. 

  • Doesn’t Want to Go Through a Surrogate

A single man may be seeking adoption because he does not want to go through a surrogate. Surrogates may be expensive, and the process may take a lot longer and be more complicated than adoption. Another reason a single man may seek adoption rather than having a surrogate is what was previously mentioned, he may want to help a child rather than having one of his own. There are many children who need to be adopted, and a single father seeking adoption is just one of the types of people looking to do that. 

Benefits of Choosing a Single Man to Adopt Your Child

There are many different dynamics when it comes to types of adoptive families. Each plays a significant role in the way your child will grow and develop. There are many positives to each type of family as they all offer something different and unique, and a single man as an adoptive parent may offer several benefits to your child. 

  • Strong Father Figure

Having your child grow up in a single male household can be positive as they will have a strong male figure in their life. This can offer benefits to both male and female children. For male adoptees, it can help them navigate life more fluidly as they can get advice and nurture from their adoptive father figure. A strong father figure can teach their adoptive male child to be confident yet respectful and nurturing and show them that it is okay to be emotional and open, unlike what society often teaches men. It can benefit female adoptees and have a strong father figure and teach them strength and confidence and how to navigate oppression that they may face in their lives.

  • Strong Bond With the Adoptive Father

Having a single-parent household can increase the bond that your child has with their parent figure. Your child will be spending most of their time with their adoptive father and not have to split the relationship with another parent figure, so they will have much time to get to know one another and become close. This could create a special bond and closeness that may otherwise not be the same if your child was in a different dynamic. 

Having an Open Mind When Choosing a Single Man to Adopt Your Baby in Kansas

Having an open mind is very important when choosing a single man to adopt your baby. Because there are so many different variations of people, families, and circumstances, there is no “one size fits all” approach to adoption. Everyone has the right to want to adopt for various reasons, and being accepting of those desires despite what society may expect is key to making your child and the adoptive parent happy. There are so many children in need of adoption and loving parents willing to give them the world, and the right fit would cause an optimal outcome. 

Adoption Choices of Kansas is here to offer you advice and support to help you and your child achieve the happiest life. Don’t hesitate to reach out with any further questions!

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