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Choosing A Single Parent To Adopt My Baby

By Julian Burgos

Adoptive families come in many different kinds of family structures. All of these structures are capable of adopting and raising a child, even single parents wanting to adopt a baby. As a birth mother, you might be hesitant to choose a single parent family to adopt your baby. Some people may believe that a single parent isn’t as capable as a family of two. There are misconceptions about single parents, especially single men, that are simply not true. 

We at Adoption Choices of Kansas believe that single parents are just as capable of providing a stable and loving home for a child. Our licensed agency provides private adoption services to all kinds of adoptive families, including single mothers and fathers. Here are some of the benefits of choosing a single parent to adopt your baby and ensuring they have a wonderful life.

Concerns about Choosing a Single Father to Adopt Your Child

Single Parent Independence

Some people might think that single parents are at a disadvantage because they don’t have a partner to help them raise a child. This can actually serve in their favor. Single parents have the power of making every decision on their own. They don’t have to spend time dealing with any disagreements or back and forth arguments with a partner concerning parenting decisions. An adoptive single parent can raise their child in their own parenting style without any resistance.

Complete Financial Freedom

Single parents have the benefit of being completely financially independent. They don’t have to share their finances with a partner or spouse so the money that they earn is completely theirs to spend on their home and child. Single parents don’t have to face disputes about financial earnings with their spouse either. Some married couples might have disagreements about how their money is spent. A single parent is free to spend their money however they see fit.

More One-On-One Time With Their Child

Single parents that don’t have a partner or spouse can have more time to spend with their children. Married couples may need to balance the time they spend with each other and their kids, which can end up having someone feeling left out as a result. A single parent doesn’t have that issue. 

While some might need their alone time, the majority of their attention will be with their children when they’re not working. This means that your baby and their adoptive parent can have a stronger bond as a result. Single adoptive fathers have also proven to be just as capable in raising a child and spending time with their children. Adoption Choices of Kansas has provided a private adoption service to single fathers who have shown that they can support a child.

Schedule Flexibility And Time Management

Single parents have the freedom of creating their entire schedule with theirs and the child’s specific needs in mind.Single parents do not have to account for a partner in their daily routine. This gives them flexibility in how they complete their  tasks. 

Single parents don’t have to depend on a partner to carry out tasks in their daily lives, which ultimately gives them more freedom.

A Sense Of Community 

It’s no secret that raising a child can be difficult. Married couples and single parents alike can have moments where they struggle with parenthood. Single parents who are fortunate to have a community of loved ones around them can receive help in raising their child. 

Contrary to what many people are taught, you don’t have to do everything alone. Sometimes we all need help when things get difficult and we begin to struggle. Loved ones, whether they be friends or family, can be a positive resource in those moments. Single mothers and fathers who find themselves unable to balance everything can lean on those closest to them when they need it. 

Resources To Find The Right Adoptive Family For You

Adoption Choices of Kansas is proud to serve single adoptive parents who wish to adopt through our adoption service. We have provided adoption help and pregnancy help to many birth mothers who have struggled with an unplanned pregnancy. Through our agencies across Kansas, you will find exceptional and experienced staff who are ready to help you find a home for your baby. 

We pair birth mothers with a suitable adoptive family that has gone through an extensive home study and interviews done by adoption professionals. Our agency hopes that if you are a birth mother considering adoption, you also think about single adoptive families as an option for your child. Please visit our website to begin your adoption process and create an adoption plan that works in your favor.

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