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Choosing a Single Woman to Adopt Your Baby in Kansas

By Connor Shelton

Settling on an adoptive family to raise your child is a tough decision to make. You want to ensure that the child ends up in a happy and healthy home when giving a baby up for adoption. Therefore, it’s essential to have various options for the types of families you can choose from. Unfortunately, while your decision will undoubtedly be based on age, race, and gender, single parents are often excluded from the equation. This is a real shame, given that single people are just as capable and deserving of the chance to raise a child. Single women, in particular, are worth considering for parenthood and offer up many benefits. But what are those benefits? Have no worries. Adoption Choices of Kansas is here to highlight the advantages of having a single woman raise your child.

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Single Parent Can Offer the Child Their Undivided Attention

When giving your newborn up for adoption, you’ll want to make sure they are showered with love. Luckily for you, single women looking to be mothers will give their undivided love and attention to their child. The lack of other figures in the house will ensure that the bond between child and parent is vital. This, in turn, will reinforce the feeling of safety and belonging that children need growing up. Add in the fact that the parent will know and understand their child on a deeper level, and they’ll be a strong guide for the child.

Single Parent is a Good Example of  Independence and Responsibility

While single women will offer their undivided attention to a child, they are also incredibly busy. They typically tackle various tasks during the week, whether it be work, running to the store, or going on errands. Because of all this, they cannot spend every moment with their child. Don’t let this fact of life dissuade you from choosing a single woman as a parent. There is an upside to the circumstances many of these women are in. Namely, the lack of time a single mother spends with their child will teach the child to be more independent at an early age. They might pick up on how to prepare for dinner, do the laundry, and do any other tasks that require help around the house. All this will ensure that your child relies less heavily on their adoptive parent and more on themselves as they grow. 

Post Adoption Support System

Even though a single parent is raising your child, this does not mean the parent is the only person the child can rely on. Single mothers will undoubtedly reach out to friends and family and organizations designed for single parents. So, when the parent is not around, the child will still be looked after by someone. They will learn to connect with others and seek help if needed just by observing their parent ask for assistance. Your child will learn to lean on the strong and loving support community around them.

Single Parent Adoption can Present a Stable Home

Let’s acknowledge this right away, there is a huge number of divorces in the United States, and children who live through these breakups will be hurt and confused. However, if you choose a single mother to adopt your child, divorce will not happen. Your child will be ensured a stable environment full of love and happiness. This, in turn, means that you won’t have to worry about the emotional turmoil a divorce might have on your child. There will be no arguments, no disagreements, and confusion on how to parent the child because the mother will be the only person parenting. Every decision is hers.

Beyond avoiding divorce, single adoptive mothers usually have a great deal of education and financial stability. This can be incredibly beneficial for the home environment because your child will not be a victim of financial instability. The parent is not likely to go through the financial burden, thus ensuring the stability of your child’s home life. They will be provided for.

AreYou Ready to Choose a Single Woman to Adopt Your Baby in Kansas?

It can be difficult to process how to give a baby up for adoption during your pregnancy and where they will go to? First, you want to ensure your child goes to the best family possible. Based on the criteria we covered, that could very well be a single woman. After all, your child will have the adoptive parent’s undivided attention. They’ll be subject to stability and a strong support network. And they’ll also learn independence and responsibility at a young age. But don’t feel pressured into choosing a single woman just because of this guide or advice from your local adoption agency. Remember that you are in control of your adoption plan and that the choice of who your baby goes to is yours. We’re just here to help.

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