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Choosing Adoption in an Abusive Environment

By Rachel Smith

October is Domestic Violence awareness month. On average, 1 in 4 women experience some form of domestic violence. This is a small fraction of the nearly 10 million people impacted by domestic violence in an average year. Among this large number are pregnant women and their unborn children. Children must have a safe environment to grow in. Unfortunately, this is not always an option a birth mother can provide. Birth mothers may consider adoption to give their children a safe and secure environment. Giving a baby up for adoption is a very trying and difficult task, and choosing adoption in an abusive environment is never easy. However, it can create stable homes for children to grow up in. There are many resources available for an American adoption. Adoption Choices of Kansas is dedicated to providing support for these domestic violence victims.

If you are in a dangerous situation, it is advised for you to contact 911 immediately

Adoption without the Birth Father

Many women in abusive situations do not have the ability to coordinate adoption with the birth father. The adoption agencies in Kansas understand this situation completely. If you are unable to receive adoption permission from your birth father, you do not need to worry. Kansas adoption does not require the permission of birth fathers for adoption. Birth mothers also have the option to speak with legal professionals. These professions will guide you through the necessary legal procedures along with your rights to adoption in Kansas. The agency will help you formulate adoption plans to support you and your baby in your specific situation.  

Financial Support for Birth Mothers

It can be extremely difficult to escape abusive environments without the right resources, especially when finances are involved. The Kansas agency is able to help the mom with these finances, forming a way out. A safe home is essential for the well-being of birth mothers and children. Knowing this, the Kansas City and Wichita adoption agencies provide proper shelter to their birth mothers. The financial aid can arrive in the form of rent, utilities, transportation, groceries, and more. In creating a safe space for birth mothers, the agencies hope to relieve the stress of an abusive environment.

Birth mothers should only need to focus on the health of themselves and their baby. The amount of support varies based on need and what the state deems necessary. The Kansas adoption agency offers counselors and case workers to help birth mothers navigate their individual situations. If you are interested in formulating an adoption plan, call or text Adoption Choices of Kansas at 316-209-2071. Or, visit the contact page for more contact options. All options are available 24/7. 

Physical and Mental Health Support for Birth Mothers

Domestic Violence is a very traumatic experience and can be hard to overcome. It is important to remember that you are not alone. To ensure the health of both birth mother and baby, Adoption Choices of Kansas provides medical care. The health of you and your baby is a top priority. The agency can also cover pregnancy-related expenses involving you and your baby.  Your mental well-being is equally significant. The Wichita and Kansas City adoption agencies provide counseling during the birthing and adoption process. Even after your child is born, the agency still supplies support to set a foundation for a lasting, safe environment. Interested in learning more? Meet the team here

Adoption Families

The adoption process in Kansas guarantees a safe environment for your baby. Your baby is guaranteed a secure, stable household that will supply your child with all of their needs.  Adoption families undergo strict screenings, background checks, and home evaluations. Adoption families also are evaluated for financial resources and child abuse checks. This ensures that your baby will receive the quality care and love he/she deserves. Adoption Choices gives you the option to choose the family and if you wish to contact them. The adoption process is made to meet birth mother’s needs and allow them the autonomy and respect they deserve. 

Post-Placement and Choosing Adoption in an Abusive Environment

If your baby has already been born, it is still possible to consider adoption in Wichita. An adoption is always an option for birth mothers at adoption choices. Agency counselors and case workers will help you formulate a personal plan. From there, birth mothers can take the path that best suits them with proper support from the Kansas agencies. You do not need to stress. There will be professionals able to walk you through the process. 

Adoption Choices of Kansas is an agency dedicated to the well-being of birth mothers and their children. The agency makes giving a baby up for adoption an easier process for birth mothers. If you are a pregnant birth mother struggling with a difficult situation, the agency is here to help. Please contact us by call at 877-903-4488 or by text at 316-209-2071


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