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Choosing Adoption When Experiencing Homelessness or Domestic Abuse in Kansas

By Laysha Macedo

An unplanned pregnancy can happen at any moment. It can occur during already stressful times, which can lead to additional feelings of stress or anxiety. Unplanned pregnancies can be difficult to navigate, even more so if you are experiencing homelessness or are in an abusive household. These circumstances are difficult to overcome alone, let alone with the addition of a baby. Having a child is a difficult job even when it is planned and anticipated. It is completely understandable and valid to seek options when facing an unplanned pregnancy. If you do not feel comfortable or like you are at capacity to take on parenthood, choosing adoption can be the way to go. The first step is searching for adoption agencies in Kansas.

If you are currently unhoused or in an abusive environment, Adoption Choices of Kansas can support you during this time. As you go through the motions of the adoption process, we can help you access vital resources. Support When Choosing Adoption

When choosing adoption, you will become connected with an adoption specialist who will guide you through the adoption process. While communicating with them, you will create an adoption plan to lay out how the process will go. Through their guidance, you will be able to access the resources we are able to provide. Stability is something that we hope to provide for you in some way. Especially, as you navigate uncertain times. 

Access is so important to be able to have a healthy and smooth adoption process. This is why Adoption Choices of Kansas ensures to provide a well-rounded array of services and resources to help birth parents as they transition.

Support During the Adoption Process

Pregnancy comes with a number of expenses on top of common living expenses. Financial support is one of the ways we can help during this time. Financial assistance can help support medical costs during your pregnancy. We can also provide you with rent assistance if you are eligible. If you are experiencing homelessness or domestic violence, you can be guided through finding housing. Additionally, your adoption specialist can help create a budget for transportation to doctor’s appointments, groceries, and utilities.. Financial worries can be particularly distressing as the cost of living can be a lot. We hope to ease some of this stress and do our part in helping you get back on your feet and helping you through your pregnancy.

Aside from financial assistance and basic needs, mental health is also important to keep in mind during the adoption process. Experiencing homelessness or domestic abuse is distressing and can weigh heavily on one’s mental health. Coupled with the stress and grief that comes with adoption, it is vital to seek support if needed. Through your adoption specialist, you can be connected to support groups and counseling to navigate how you’re feeling. They will guide you through ways to cope and direct you to mindful practices.

Support After Adoption

The support mentioned above is provided during and six weeks after the adoption finalization. As mentioned, there is grief that comes with adoption as a birth parent. You may experience grief after placing your baby for adoption. This is completely normal and valid, which is why Adoption Choices of Kansas extends these resources for some time post-adoption.

Adoption Choices of Kansas is Here to Help

Unplanned pregnancies can be unexpected and complicated, even if you are prepared. When experiencing difficult situations like homelessness or domestic violence, the adoption process can be difficult. Seeking adoption can be a way to navigate this unplanned pregnancy. If you find yourself pregnant and experiencing any of the circumstances mentioned, Adoption Choices can help. While it can be overwhelming, your adoption counselor will do what they can to be there for you.

Here at Adoption Choices of Kansas, we hope to provide you with the financial and holistic support that you need. We understand the expenses and distress of the process, and we are here every step of the way. If you are a birth mother or father looking for adoption agencies in Kansas, reach out to us. You can research adoption agencies and Wichita adoption services near you. 

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