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Choosing an Adoptive Family in KS and Things You’ll Need to Consider

By Rose O’Connor

Finding out that you are pregnant can be overwhelming and stressful, especially if you are wondering how you will support your child. Unfortunately, not all women can take on the long-term responsibility of raising their child due to many factors. We are here to tell you that it is ok, and we are here to support you with your decision. If you are a mother who falls under those factors, putting a child up for adoption is one option. That is why Adoption Choices of Kansas is here to guide you through your journey if you choose that option. But we are also here to support your other decisions as well. Our private adoption specialist can help you with the adoption process and help you create an adoption plan for you and your child. 

If you need adoption help now, please call us at 877-903-4488, text us at 316-209-2071, or visit us at Adoption Choices of Kansas.

Types of Adoption to Consider

During the adoption process, you will contact Adoption Choices of Kansas via phone call or text at the number provided. You will then meet with a Birth Parent Counselor in a comfortable setting that is right for you. Next, you will create an adoption plan with them. This included making important decisions for your journey. This includes looking at the types of adoption you feel most comfortable with for you and your child. 

Open Adoption 

Open adoption is now the most practiced type of adoption. In an open adoption, most of the information is shared. This includes names, phone numbers, and contact info. As a result, adoptive families and birth mothers will meet in person most likely and stay in contact throughout the pregnancy, birth, and post-placement. 

Closed Adoption 

Closed adoptions involve no communication between the adoptive family and the birth parents. Little information is exchanged, like medical records. The adoptive family and the birth parent(s) will continue separately. The only time The adoption records can be opened is by the child. That is when they turn eighteen. Even though this is rare, birth mothers have this option as well. 

Semi-Open Adoption 

A semi-open adoption lies between open and closed adoption. This means that information that is non-identified is shared between adoptive families and birth parents. This means that it consists of the exchange of letters, photos, and emails, either directly or through a third party. The third party is indicated through ChildConnect (an online resource). This system is secured and confidential.

Choosing an Adoptive Family in KS

Once you have chosen the type of adoption you want for you and your child, you will then be given a number of family profiles to look at. We make sure that each one is ensured to give your child the best love and care that they will receive. Here are some qualities to consider when you are choosing an adoptive family in KS. 

Structure of the Adoptive Family 

Looking into the structure of the adoptive family is important to see the overall picture. Looking at these factors can help narrow down your choices. Here are some questions that’ll help you start choosing: 

  • Do you want your child to have a sibling or be the only child? 
  • Are you comfortable with pets? 
  • Do you want a single parent or two parents for your child? 
  • What about sexuality? No matter what your choice of an adoptive family is, a parent who is part of the LGBTQ+ or same-sex couple/individual can still provide a loving and nurturing home for your child. 
  • What about the age of the parent(s)? Thinking about the age differences. For instance, you may be considering an older person with more wisdom or experience in raising a child. Or you may be considering a younger parent who still has knowledge of raising a child but is willing to learn/engage more. 

Lifestyle and Parenting of Adoptive Family 

Picture a scenario of your adoptive family. Now ask yourself, what does it look like? In other words, do they like to travel a lot? Do they live in a type of neighborhood? Do they go out a lot or stay inside? 

Also, how would you want the parents to parent your child? Think about the questions of discipline or how laid back they are. It is important to think about your child’s needs and how your adoptive family can approach them. 

Ethnicity, Religion, and Location of Adoptive Family 

Diversity and the openness of the family’s ethnicity and culture are other aspects to consider. Religion can also be another factor to consider. Do you want your adoptive family to be religious or not religious? No matter the circumstance, we will make sure the family will provide the best care for your child. 

The setting and location are other important aspects to consider. What is the setting like? Is it rural or city-like? Is the location more of a suburban house or an apartment complex? These questions will help you narrow your decisions more. 

Further Steps for Adoption Agencies Near Me

While you look into the considerations of an adoptive family and how to choose one, Adoption Agencies Near Me will do their further steps. A major step in helping the birth mother choose the adoptive family is a home study. This is done to gather information about the upcoming adoptive family and educate and prepare the family for adoption. We will also evaluate the capability of the future family to adopt. We also offer home study services for both domestic and international adoptions. 

Then, Families will create a profile for Adoption agencies in Kansas to present to birth parents. They will be matched with your preferences. Once the baby is born, the paperwork will be signed. Soon after, adoption is finalized. 

The Adoption Matching Process Starts

Once our agency does its part and you do yours, your Birth Parent Counselor will bring you the adoptive family profiles to choose from. These have gone through our agencies and, therefore, will make the process of choosing easier. Once matched, you will receive financial support and a secure place to live if needed. Depending on the openness you choose, you will be able to communicate with your adoptive family. 

You are Not Alone in Your Adoption Journey

We understand how overwhelming this process can be. That is why Adoption Choices of Kansas is here to guide you through your journey step by step. We will ensure you understand the process and guide you through your adoption plan. In addition, we will provide you with additional resources to help you further through your journey. You are not alone, and you can reach out to us during and after the process. 

If you are a woman considering adoption and want to know more about the adoption process, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. 

Choosing adoption is not giving up. If you need unplanned pregnancy help now, Adoption Choices of Kansas serves birth parents statewide and beyond. We can help with teen pregnancy, financial assistance, difficult situations, and more. Please call us or text us to learn more! Call Us 877-903-4488 or Text Us 316-209-2071.

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