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Choosing an LGBTQ+ Adoptive Family For Your Child

By Isabelle Bryan

When creating your adoption plan, one of the most difficult decisions to make may be choosing an adoptive family. We at Adoption Choices of Kansas understand this and are here to provide you with whatever adoption help you need. Our adoption specialists can assist you in determining criteria and looking through family profiles in order to find a match. 

But before you take this step, it may be beneficial to conduct some research on your own. And that starts with looking at some of the types of adoptive families.

There are so many family structures, as well as their pros and cons, to consider. And for some birth mothers, a nontraditional family—for example, a same-sex couple—may be your first choice. It is a decision that has the potential to benefit everyone in the adoption triad. That is the birth family, adoptive family, and child. However, just like with any potential family, you may have some concerns to work through first.

Potential Concerns to Consider When Choosing a Same-Sex Adoption in Kansas

Choosing an LGBTQ+ family to adopt your child is not without its concerns, from false assumptions to genuine worries. And in order to make an informed decision, you will need to take the time to consider them. These potential challenges may include: 

  • Concerns about your child being less successful or developing behavioral issues. You may even worry that your child will be “turned gay.” These and similar assumptions are simply misconceptions. Children raised by LGBTQ+ parents are often just as likely to be successful, well-adjusted, and straight. And if they do identify as part of the LGBTQ+ community, they may be more likely to receive parental support. 
  • As the child of an LGBTQ+ family, your child may be exposed to any discrimination and judgment they face. You may even face some yourself for choosing to put your baby up for adoption with an LGBTQ+ family. 
  • Assumptions that an LGBTQ+ family will be lesser in some way. Less nurturing, perhaps, or less romantically stable. However, an adoptive family’s sexual orientation is not always a reliable predictor of relationship stability. Nor does it impact their ability to be good parents. Instead, planning and going through the adoption process may actually show how committed they are to becoming parents. It takes time and effort to adopt, and that kind of dedication is not something to take lightly. 
  • Whether your child will be negatively impacted without both a mother and father in their life, yes, your child may notice the difference between their family and others as they age. They may even feel the need for male or female role models in their lives. If your child does feel like something is missing, socializing with extended family members may be helpful. As they may find role models and mentors in and outside of their family. 

Potential Benefits of Choosing a Same-Sex Adoption in Kansas

Despite the potential concerns, LGBTQ+ child adoption is not without its benefits. For everyone in the adoption triad, but for your child in particular. These benefits may include:

  • Teaching your child to embrace diverse perspectives and be more understanding and inclusive
  • Fostering open-mindedness. Yes, there will be differences between your child’s adoptive family and other families. But those differences do not mean something is wrong with their family, or that their family is any less loving. Having this conversation with their adoptive parents may help your child be more accepting of others.
  • Support and open, honest discussions may help to build and strengthen your child’s resilience, confidence, and sense of self
  • The adoptive parents get the chance to have a child, something that might not have been possible without the adoption

LGBTQ+ Inclusion at Adoption Choices of Kansas

At Adoption Choices of Kansas, we welcome prospective adoptive families of all kinds, including same-sex couples and unmarried LGBTQ+ individuals. It is our goal to make sure every prospective family has the chance to bring a child into their home. Similarly, we strive to assist every birth mother working with us in finding the right family for their child. 

To further that goal, we make sure that every adoptive family working with us is prepared to become a parent. This includes requiring and conducting home studies, offering an optional parent training course, and setting an age limit. That is, the prospective parent must be 10 or more years older than the child. 

These requirements help us to ensure that your child will go to a safe and loving home. What they do not do is exclude potential families based on their gender, sexuality, or marital status. While LGBTQ+ families may have their potential pros and cons, they are no less suitable or prepared to be parents. So if you feel that an LGBTQ+ family is the best choice for your child, we are here to assist.

What Support and Assistance Do We Offer During Your Adoption Process?

At our adoption center, it is our goal to help birth mothers find the best family for their child. Alongside this, we strive to ensure that the birth mothers who work with us are safe and cared for. In service of this goal, we provide adoption services, including:

  • Financial support for eligible birth mothers, including helping you apply for food stamps and other programs
  • Housing aid
  • Assistance applying for Medicaid and getting the pregnant help and care you need
  • Professional counseling during and after your adoption in Kansas
  • Private adoption services, including the ability to choose an adoptive family and type of adoption
  • Unplanned pregnancy assistance

Choosing an Adoptive Family With Adoption Choices of Kansas

Choosing an adoptive family for your child can be a difficult task. Choosing an LGBTQ+ family could be a harder one, as there may be more pros and cons to consider. But that does not make LGBTQ+ families any less prepared or suitable to be parents. In fact, their diverse experiences may help your child to develop a variety of positive qualities. Similarly, their determination to adopt a baby may help to show you just how ready they are to become parents. 

No matter what you decide, Adoption Choices of Kansas is here to help you throughout your American adoption. From adoption plan assistance to private adoption services, you will never have to worry about being left on your own. Our adoption centers and specialists can be reached by phone, text, or email to answer questions or listen to concerns. All you have to do is ask. 


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