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Common Fears Birth Mothers Face During the Adoption Process in Kansas

By Rose O’Connor  

When you are giving a child up for adoption, it can be scary and overwhelming. It is normal and common to have adoption fears. You may be thinking about choosing adoption for your child out of the other options. You may be wondering if making this decision is the right choice for you and your child. That is why at Adoption Choices of Kansas, we offer a variety of services and resources to further help you with your decision to choose adoption. We advocate further helping you in your adoption journey, and know that you are not alone. 

Common Fears You May Have When Going Through The Adoption Process

Going through the adoption process may leave you having fears about the steps. However, learning about other birth mothers’ fears may have a relief effect, knowing that you are not alone. But at Adoption Choices of Kansas, we make sure that you feel comfortable when going through the steps. Here are some of the common fears that birth mothers go through during the adoption process and how we can help. 

Having a fear of Regretting Your Decision Or Regretting Another Decision When Choosing Adoption First 

Know that you are in charge of your decision. Choose the best decision that is best for you. With the options of parenting, terminating your pregnancy, or adoption, consider the option that you feel the most comfortable with. 

If you choose adoption for your baby, you can get started with the process right away! When you contact Adoption Choices of Kansas, an adoption specialist will assist you in starting your journey. It doesn’t matter where you are in your pregnancy. We are ready to help you! Additionally, there is a financial benefit, which is that it is completely free. 

You can meet with your adoption specialist either in person, by phone, or by video call! 

The Fear Of Not Doing The Right Thing Or Second Guessing Your Decision of Adoption 

It is common to have a lot of “what ifs” during your adoption journey. Or, you may have the constant thought of not doing the right thing. That is why the next step of the adoption process is beneficial for further assistance with this common fear. The next step is creating your adoption plan. Your adoption plan includes all of the important decision-making when it comes to your journey of adoption. Additionally, it includes all of the necessary needs, which is the financial budget. Your adoption specialist will also assist you with finding a doctor and starting your prenatal care. Creating your plan further helps you to see that you are making the best decision for your child if you have those thoughts. You get to make all of the decisions of your adoption journey.

The Fear Of Your Child Not Being Happy With The Adoptive Family 

This is another common fear that birth mothers face. Choosing an adoptive family can feel challenging and stressful. That is why the step after the adoption plan is important. Your adoption specialist will make sure that you list your specific needs. This also happens when you are outlining your adoption plan at the same time. When your adoption specialist has all of your specific needs, this will help with aligning with the adoptive families. Your adoption specialist sets up a list of family profiles for you to choose from. If you feel like none of the initial family profile lists meets your needs, we will get another list of profiles. We want to ensure that you choose the best family for your child. At the end of the day, you get to make all of the decisions for you and your child. Additionally, all of the families have been carefully screened and checked as well. 

The Fear Of Not Being Able To Hold And Know Your Baby When Close To The Adoption Finalization Step 

Your due date is one of the crucial steps in the process. But it may leave you with more fears, such as wondering if you get to hold your baby. And the answer is ultimately up to you when your adoption specialist helps you with your hospital plan. Your hospital plan is like your adoption plan: you get to outline your hospital stay. This includes making decisions about who will be holding and naming your baby, your care, and who will be present. That means that if you want to hold your baby on your delivery date, you most certainly can do that! Your hospital plan is outlined by you and you only! You get to decide which decisions are the most comfortable for you! The baby will then leave the hospital with the adoptive family. And you will give your final concern. You will create a birth hospital plan prior to your delivery date. Make decisions about who will be at the hospital, holding and naming the baby, as well as your care. You can spend as much time as you would like to in the hospital with your baby. Finally, you will give final consent to the adoptive family. 

The Fear Of No Support Post Adoption 

Another common fear may be that the support halts once you have given your final consent. At Adoption Choices of Kansas, that is not true at all. We will still advocate for you, even after your adoption journey. Your expenses will continue to be paid up to 6 weeks after delivery. Moreover, emotional support and counseling will be available to you as much as needed. When you are giving a child up for adoption, you may have a variety of emotions all at once. That is why, even post-placement, we offer emotional support services that will help you continue your life after your adoption journey. 

Are you experiencing an unplanned pregnancy? Would you like information on “adoption agencies near me?” Adoption Choices of Kansas is a private, local, licensed adoption agency in Wichita, Kansas. We have been offering support and guidance to pregnant women for years. If you are considering adoption in Wichita, one of our experienced adoption specialists can meet with you to discuss your options. 

Additional Common Adoption Fears About Adoption In General

These additional fears are common among birth mothers. Some of these fears correlate with getting accurate information and if they are choosing the right agency. Here are some additional fears. 

The Fear Of Not Being Able To Find An Adoption Agency In Your Area 

When you are going through adoption, it is important to find an agency that will advocate for you. That is why our adoption agencies in Kansas are licensed and local. When you search for how to give a baby up for adoption, you will be met with a local agency that is ready to get the process started! Our adoption services in Wichita will further help you with your journey! 

Choosing Adoption Is Your Own Unique Journey 

You are not alone. Adoption Choices of Kansas is here to help you, and we are ready to help you start your adoption process! We will advocate for your needs and for your child. Use our online contact form or call or text us.

If you are a woman who is choosing adoption, contact us today! 

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