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5 Common Fears of Birth Mothers Placing Children Up for Adoption in Kansas

By Katiara Potter

Having fears about placing your child up for adoption is normal for any birth mother. However, you must know that your feelings of fear are valid. Every birth mother experiences fear or worry during the adoption process. The adoption process can seem scary at times for birth mothers. However, you should know that you’re just trying to do what is best for your child. Still, it may be difficult to handle the worries you have. Adoption Choices of Kansas can help ease all your fears when placing your baby up for adoption. Here are five common fears or worries you may have during the adoption process.

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1. What If My Friends and Family Think Less of Me? 

Telling your family and friends about your plan to place your baby up for adoption may be tough. Some people in your life may not understand your decision. Even though they love you, they may not love all your decisions. It’s important to let people in your life know that you’re making the best decision for you and your child. Their support during the adoption process would be helpful. However, it’s not helpful if they’re constantly voicing opposition to your decision. Your opinion on placing your child up for adoption is the only one that matters. You know that you’re choosing to give your baby a better life. It may take a while for some family and friends to fully grasp this. If you need the support of any kind, you can reach out to Adoption Choices of Kansas or any adoption agency in Kansas.

2. Am I Being Selfish for Choosing Adoption?

Choosing to place your child up for adoption is not a selfish act. Deciding that adoption can give your baby a better life means you’re thinking of your baby. You’re putting your wants and desires for parenthood aside for your child. Choosing adoption is an act of selflessness.

3. I’m a Bad Mother for Placing My Baby for Adoption

This couldn’t be further from the truth. Birth mothers choose to place their babies up for adoption for many reasons. Sometimes birth mothers don’t have the means to provide for their babies. Other times birth mothers feel they are not in the best condition to raise their children. Many times birth mothers are too young to raise their babies. Or, you may feel that someone else is better suited to raise your child. Whatever the case, you’re thinking of your child’s well-being. This is a trait of a wonderful and loving parent. Unfortunately, not every parent considers their child’s well-being. You’re a wonderful and thoughtful mom because of this.

4. The Adoptive Family Won’t Love My Child

This is a fear shared by so many birth mothers. The process of adoption can be stressful. The worst thing would be for the adoptive family to not love your child. For adoptive families, the road to having a child may not have been easy. Some people can’t have children naturally. Potential adoptive parents may have gone to great lengths to have children. This can include surrogacy and also IVF, which sometimes don’t work. The decision to adopt may not have been an adoptive family’s first choice. People in these situations want to be parents. They want to have families. They’ve gone through a long journey to have a child. Potential adoptive parents eagerly await the chance to be someone’s mom or dad. They are more than willing to provide love and support to your baby.

5. What If I Choose the Wrong Adoptive Family?

Always remember that adoptive families are willing and ready to love your child. What matters the most is that your child has a family that loves and supports them. No family may be perfect. That being said, you might have specific preferences for an adoptive family. A specialist at Adoption Choices of Kansas can honor your preferences. What you want in the adoption process matters. This way, you can select an adoptive family that you feel is suitable for your child. Doing this will possibly lessen your worries about choosing the wrong family. Keep in mind, though, that the adoptive family should be loving and caring.

Overcoming Common Adoption Fears of Birth Mothers in KS

It’s normal to have fears and worries about the adoption process. You’re making an important decision for you and your child. The adoption process may seem scary or stressful at times. Always remember that you’re doing what is best for your child. You’re actively thinking about your child’s well-being. You’re brave, thoughtful, and selfless. We at Adoption Choices of Kansas are here for you. If you need any resources or assistance, reach out to one of our counselors or specialists. You can also find resources at any adoption agency near you

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