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Considering Adoption (Again) as a Birth Mother in Kansas: Placing another Child for Adoption

Confronting another unexpected pregnancy after previously placing a child for adoption can be shocking, and even painful, if you’re not ready to be a mom. Initially, finding out you’re pregnant for a second (or third) time might feel surreal since you couldn’t imagine this would happen again. However, once the reality of the situation sets in, you might feel overwhelmed by intense feelings of fear, shame, isolation, or guilt. You might start worrying about your future, how others will treat you, or your child’s well-being. 

Even if you found closure and new beginnings following your last adoption journey, life didn’t go as planned because life is messy. In your moment of crisis, know that Adoption Choices of Kansas is here for you and can help you start over again.

Reasons to Choose Adoption Choices of Kansas Again

If you decide to place another child for adoption, it is entirely possible for you to work with the same agency that helped you through your previous adoption. At Adoption Choices of Kansas, we are more than happy to help you navigate your next adoption journey as we did the first time around. In fact, you’ll find that working with us again can prove to be very beneficial for you as a birth mother for the reasons outlined below. 

  1. Familiar faces

When you go through the process to place another child for adoption, having a support system that is familiar and already attuned to your needs can be comforting. You don’t feel like you’re taking a plunge into the unknown when you choose the same agency to work with you through your next adoption. Not only have you already established trust with your adoption team from your previous experience, but you also have an opportunity to deepen your connection with our agency. This facilitates better teamwork and communication and ensures that your adoption journey is a successful one.

  1. You know the process 

You know what an adoption plan is. You know what a hospital plan is. You’re familiar with the screening and selection process. You know the difference between an open, semi-open, and closed adoption. You also know how our agency handles all of these parts of the adoption process. 

While adoption agencies within a given state follow similar steps, there may be some differences here and there. When you work with us at Adoption Choices of Kansas again, you know exactly what to expect which will make you better prepared to embark on your next adoption journey. Eliminating the uncertainty of working with another agency can put you at ease so that you can feel more in control and proactive in executing the steps throughout the entire process.

  1. You’ve learned what you want

Your established relationship with our agency gives you a solid foundation for your next adoption placement. You probably already have a good idea of what you want out of your experience, and we are all the more prepared to accommodate you. An advantage to working with us again is that we are in a good position to reconnect with your first child’s adoptive family and place your next child with his or her sibling. If they are unavailable to take in additional children, we can help you find another family that meets similar criteria. 

We are also in a good position to provide you with direction if you wish to proceed with your adoption experience differently this time. Perhaps you opted for a closed adoption before, but now you would like to pursue an open or semi-open adoption. Maybe you want to consider placing your child with a different type of adoptive family. You may even want to approach how you involve the birth father differently. In any case, your past experience can still provide us with valuable information as to what options you have as you move forward. We can provide you with insight into what you can expect from your current adoption and how it will differ from your previous experience so that you feel prepared when taking your adoption journey in a new direction.

  1. Stability through familiarity

If you find yourself needing to place another child for adoption, you may feel a great deal of anxiety as you anticipate having to let go of another child. You might even be hesitant to go the route of adoption again. Be assured that you are in good hands when you choose Adoption Choices of Kansas to help you navigate through another adoption. By choosing our agency again, there are fewer unknown variables you have to consider. 

Going through this experience in a familiar environment with familiar faces can give you a sense of security during this difficult time. You may even be familiar with our counseling services which are available to you so you can find peace and closure. Whether this is your first, second, or even third time working with us, our purpose is to be a rock for you and help you secure a new beginning for you and your child. 

Beginning Again

It’s never easy to place your child in another family, even if you believe it’s in the best interest of you and your baby. Placing multiple children can be even more difficult since you are dealing with a new loss while still trying to recover from a previous one. There will be times when you have doubts about your choice, and you may feel as though you are letting your children down by choosing to not raise them. 

However, your dedication to putting your children’s needs first is the greatest gift a mother can give. Here at Adoption Choices of Kansas, we are committed to ensuring successful placements for all of your children so they get the best shot of reaching their full potential. 

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