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Considering Adoption as a Pregnant, Undocumented Woman in Kansas

Facing an unplanned pregnancy can be an overwhelming experience that can throw a lot of uncertainty your way. Finding out you are pregnant in a country where you are not a citizen may complicate things further. If you are an undocumented pregnant woman trying to make a better life for yourself in the United States, an unplanned pregnancy may exacerbate any difficulties you may already be facing. Regardless, you still care for the well being of the child you will bring into the world, and you want to secure a promising future for them.

If you are considering adoption as a pregnant, undocumented woman in Kansas, Adoption Choices of Kansas is committed to helping you successfully navigate your adoption journey. As an introduction to your adoption journey, we have provided answers to common concerns among pregnant women considering adoption who do not have a U.S. citizenship. We are also prepared to address any other concerns you may have about the adoption process when you reach out to us.

What will the Child’s Citizenship Status Be?

Regardless of your own citizenship status, your baby automatically becomes an American citizen, as long as he or she is born within the United States. You can expect your baby to receive a social security number as soon as he or she is born. However, if your baby has already arrived and you gave birth outside the United States, you will be placing your baby for adoption without a U.S. citizenship.

Will My Privacy be Compromised during the Adoption Process?

Adoption Choices of Kansas respects the privacy of everyone we serve, and we will not release any of your personal information to anyone outside of our adoption agency. So, you can focus on getting through the adoption process and placing your baby into a safe and loving environment without worrying about having to leave the country before your baby is born. When you are able to place your trust in us, your adoption experience will be all the more rewarding.

What are the Costs of Adoption?

Pregnancy makes the need to rely on high quality healthcare and safe, reliable housing more urgent. Unfortunately, meeting these basic needs can be very expensive, which can exacerbate any stress you are already experiencing. The good news is that Adoption Choices of Kansas will assist you in finding the housing and healthcare you need, as well as providing financial assistance. We can even cover your medical expenses if you are unable to apply for Medicaid. We can also provide you with translation services and emotional counseling free of charge whenever you need them.

Will I See the Child After Birth?

This largely depends on what type of adoption you choose. If you opt for an open adoption, you have the right to have contact with your child after placement. Unlike closed adoptions, where there is no contact between the birth mother and the child after placement, open adoptions are defined by the fact that there can be contact between the birth mother and child.

When you choose the adoptive family for your baby, you will come to an agreement as to how much contact you would like to have after placement. Contact can include anything from phone calls and letters to video chats and in-person visits. This can be reassuring in the event your citizenship or immigrant status changes.

How can I Pass Down My Heritage to the Child?

Even though you will not be the one who raises the child, you may wish to have certain traditions or aspects of your culture that are important to you passed down to your child. You may not realize that you actually have more control over this matter than you think. Since you are in complete control of who will be the adoptive family, you can select a couple or individual who shares your cultural background. Even if you don’t find an adoptive family who shares your background, you can still find plenty of other prospective adoptive families who are eager to learn from you and will do their best to honor the heritage of their newest family member.

Considering Adoption as a Pregnant, Undocumented Woman in Kansas

Whether you are documented or undocumented, adoption is always an option for you. Adoption Choices of Kansas is here to help you place your child in a loving home, and will provide you with all the information and resources you need to have a positive and confident adoption journey.

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