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Coordinating Post-Placement Communication and Visits in an Open Adoption

By Noah Abrams

If you are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy and considering adoption, you will have to make some decisions. One of those decisions would be choosing the type of adoption. Open adoption, semi-open adoption, and closed adoption are the choices available. Of the three, open adoption offers the most communication and transparency. Because of this, it may be the best option for birth mothers and is generally chosen among them. 

Regarding adoption, Kansas is home to Adoption Choices of Kansas. We specialize in assisting all birth mothers and adoptive families alike. Being one of the most knowledgeable and reputable adoption agencies in Kansas, we can educate you on open adoption. If you are looking for information on post-placement communication and visits through open adoption, please continue reading.

What is an Open Adoption?

Open adoption is the most preferred type of adoption. It leaves no room for unanswered questions, as communication is at the highest level. Additionally, identifying information will be shared between you and the adoptive family. This is different from a closed adoption, where finality and anonymity can be disheartening. This offers the chance to build and maintain a lasting relationship.

You will have the authority to choose the adoptive family through an open adoption as well. Based on the preferences you describe to us, we will show you profiles we feel match the description. Upon review, you will choose the perfect family in your eyes. If none of the provided profiles are a match, we will provide more until we find it. Once you approve an adoptive family, a caseworker will initiate a phone call and an in-person meeting.

Once your child is placed, you will also be able to remain present in his or her life. Unlike the other two, open adoption allows you to establish a bond with your child. This is beneficial for the child, being immersed in his or her biological family’s culture. Additionally, you won’t feel an abrupt ending to this chapter in your life, but instead a new beginning.

How Does Post-Placement Communication and Visits Work in an Open Adoption?

As mentioned, ongoing communication is one of the primary benefits of an open adoption. For the most desired outcome, it is important that communication is clear and in-person meetings are planned. This will benefit the birth mother, the adoptive family, and more importantly, the child involved.

Open adoption also builds the child’s self-esteem, giving them a sense of identity. It is common for adopted children to wonder about their individual history and their birth family’s history. The level of communication allows the child to get answers to any questions he or she has. This offers the chance for adopted children to be educated on their respective journeys through adoption. 

Birth mothers may also wonder what method of communication is standard or allowed. Communication via letters, emails, phone calls, video chats, and photo/video updates are all common.

Considerations for the Success of Post-Placement Visits 

Birth mothers and adoptive families should prepare for post-placement visits prior to it being a recurrence. It should be well thought-out and planned ahead of time. Some variables to consider include:

    1. Frequency and location: You should consider how many days out the week, month, or year visits take place. You should also determine a location both parties agree on.
    2. Duration and activity planned: Additionally, how long these visits will last and the activity planned for each visit should be prepared in advance.
    3. Preparing the child: Lately, the child should be well-prepared for any post-placement meetings. The child should feel at ease with each visit, with comfortability increasing over time.

As with anything, open adoption can present some challenges. This can include unrealistic expectations that need to be managed, miscommunication, or unexpected life circumstances. Communicating, being empathetic, and having professional assistance from trusted adoption agencies in Kansas can mitigate some of these challenges.

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Two of the primary reasons for the popularity of open adoptions are the level of communication and transparency. It allows for the birth mother to build and maintain a relationship with her child and the adoptive family. This includes before, during, and after post-placement. At Adoption Choices of Kansas, we encourage open adoption but support whatever decision you make for your adoption process

We understand the nature of an unplanned pregnancy and the emotions attached to it at Adoption Choices of Kansas. We are a full-service, fully licensed, and local adoption agency. We provide guidance to birth mothers and adoptive families both statewide and nationwide. Regardless of where you’re located, we are here to help. We will help with your Kansas City, St. Louis, Olathe or Wichita adoption plan.

We genuinely want the best for the birth mothers, children, and adoptive families we help. Our goal is for each party to be in the ideal situation, knowing how stressful adoption can be. From offering private adoption services, helping create an adoption plan, and being emotionally supportive. Contact Adoption Choices of Kansas today if you have any further questions about open adoption or adoption overall!

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