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Coping and Counseling After Putting a Baby for Adoption

By Sreevidya(Vidya)

Considering adoption for your baby is a brave and tough decision. You put so much thought and love into picking the most suitable, wonderful adoptive family. You may feel a sense of relief or pride to know that your baby is growing up in a happy and loved home. Despite the comfort you may find in the decision, it is often common to have feelings of loss, sadness, or guilt.

Feeling sad and low, especially after giving a child up for adoption, is more common than you think. You need to be patient with yourself and understand what works for you. In this process, you are not alone. There are many adoption agencies in Kansas, such as Adoption Choices of Kansas that can assist you in this healing phase. Also, it is important to know that there is no set time limit for you to feel better. You may take as long as you need. Therefore do not blame yourself for a selfless decision and begin your healing journey with Adoption Choices of Kansas.

Acknowledge How You Feel After Adoption in Kansas

Firstly be able to accept how you feel. It is perfectly normal to have feelings of grief, loss, anger, or guilt. Figure out what you feel after the adoption process. Acknowledging the emotions and how you feel is the first step towards healing. Know that grieving does not necessarily mean you regret your decision. Having a sense of relief does not mean you are cold or emotionless. However you feel, it is always good to recognize and deal with them. Be mindful that your feelings are valid and you should never ignore them.

You can seek professional help from counselors who will work with you to deal with what you are feeling. Kansas City adoption agency, such as Adoption Choices of Kansas offers counseling services that are equipped to help you navigate through your feelings. 

Talk to a Person You Trust in the Adoption Agency

Your grieving process might take a while and you don’t have to go through it alone. There are many people who are willing to help you and care for you. It is helpful to reach out to them. 

  • A professional counselor – At Adoption Choices of Kansas, you can talk to professional counselors and discuss various coping skills. 
  • Support groups – It may also be helpful to talk to other birth parents who have similar experiences as yours after considering adoption. There are many support groups where you can connect with other birth parents who have gone through similar phases. You can share how you feel and get helpful tips to deal with your situation.
  • Online forums or social media – You can also be a part of online groups and forums and read their experiences on social media.
  • Family  – A trusted family member can be a helpful support
  • Friend – There’s always a friend who can comfort you and lend a supportive hand to pick yourself up.

Whether they are professional counselors, birth mother support groups, family, or friends, it is beneficial to talk to them. 

Focus on Your Life After Adoption

After going through an emotional roller coaster it is good to now plan your future. There may be many reasons for you to give your child up for adoption. One of the many reasons could be that you may not be in a position to parent your child. An unplanned pregnancy can change all the plans you have for yourself. After dealing with the feeling of loss or grief after adoption, you may take time for things that you left. It may be pursuing an educational goal or a career. It may be starting a new hobby or even spending time with your loved ones. With adoption in Kansas, you can now make time and focus on yourself. Adoption Choices of Kansas will take care of all your adoption requirements. It will also help you find the right adoptive family for your baby. 

Move Ahead with Kansas Adoption

When you are stuck with feelings of anger or loss, remind yourself of the positive effects of considering adoption

  • Adoption is a selfless and courageous decision that is best for you and your baby.
  • Now you can pursue your goals and aspirations.
  • You are instrumental in bringing joy to another family who is wishing for a child.
  • The child will grow up in a happy and loving environment.
  • Your child will have better opportunities and support which you couldn’t afford.
  • You gained a lot of insights through your adoption process

With so many positive outcomes, you can now plan your life well. Life does not stop after giving a child up for adoption. There is nothing wrong if you choose to have children after the adoption process and grow your family. 

Adoption Choices of Kansas will assist you in your adoption journey and help you find a suitable adoptive family. The adoption agencies in Kansas will offer you counseling services that help you cope with your emotions. If you are a woman considering adoption, Adoption Choices of Kansas will support you even after adoption finalization. 

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