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A crisis is a time when a difficult or important decision must be made. Is this you? Have you found yourself in a crisis situation? Are you pregnant, scared, and considering your options? Are you faced with having to make a life-changing decision? Now is the time to seek out an adoption agency for your crisis pregnancy for help.

When it feels like the world is closing in on you, know that you are not alone. Nearly 1 in 2 pregnancies in America are unplanned. That is half of the population of pregnant American women! Not every pregnancy is planned, but not every unplanned pregnancy is a crisis. What are your options? If your unplanned pregnancy has put you in crisis mode, there are several options for you to consider in order to make the best decision possible. The first option is to find an adoption agency, like Adoption Choices of Kansas to review your choices.

Expectations when visiting Adoption Choices

When contacting Adoption Choices, you will be greeted by compassionate, professional staff members who are willing to provide you with information about your pregnancy and options. These options may include adoption if you do not wish to raise your baby. You will be provided with information about what to expect in an unexpected pregnancy. The resources provided are not used to coerce you into making a decision. They are simply that: information.

Services offered by Adoption Choices

Financial Services: An unplanned pregnancy can be a strain on you both physically and financially. If you are considering adoption, as an expectant mother, Adoption Choices of Kansas can assist you with financial support and proper nutrition, including Food Stamps, WIC, and ongoing grocery expenses. We are a local child adoption agency that provides one on one support to each of our birth mothers. We have offices in Wichita and Kansas City and case workers located throughout the state ready to help you. We provide the highest level of birth mother support.

Safe Housing: Not having adequate housing or a safe place to sleep can lead to unnecessary stress and discomfort during your unplanned pregnancy. Providing birth mother support, Adoption Choices of Kansas is here to help you find and afford proper housing so you can rest easy.

Medical Care: As an expectant mother, access to prenatal care should be one of your biggest concerns, especially with an unplanned pregnancy, and we are here to help. Adoption Choices of Kansas can help you apply for Medicaid and receive appropriate medical care throughout your pregnancy.

Support Counseling: Putting your child up for adoption will not be an easy choice. We are here for you. We are a local child adoption agency that cares. A compassionate caseworker from Adoption Choices of Kansas will be by your side to provide you with comfort and emotional support. Our involvement doesn’t end there, we’re with you through the birth and afterward for all of your emotional needs.

When should I contact Adoption Choices?

Coming to terms with your unplanned pregnancy can take some time. It is not easy when life-altering information like this happens, and you’re left wondering how your life is going to pan out. Take as much time as you need to adjust to this information.

When you’re ready, calling Adoption Choices of Kansas should be one of the first things you do.

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